Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Voting Tory

The Dude has fisked The Nameless One's attack on the Tories. Since it pretty much sums up my current position, here's the text of a comment that I left at The Dude's place.
You are right to an extent, Dude; indeed, to a large degree. My issue is that, having found a party that panders to my EUsceptic minarchist wankfest, I would now find it very difficult to vote for a party that does not advocate that, whatever their chances.

Many people, including you and Iain Dale, have asked if I would consider returning to the Tory fold; the answer is "yes", but the EU is a fundamental sticking point for me, and you saw Letwin's response to that. If he thinks that the EU is so great, I want him to try to convince me: not take the superior "I know better than you" attitude. Further, I don't think that the EU is reformable.

In any case, I refuse to be lectured at, patronised and essentially told that I'm ignorant by a smug bastard who mentions the Stern Report in approving terms.

So, given that, I have to vote UKIP, if only to persuade the Tories that there is a strong anti-EU base in this country and that it might be nice if even one of the mainstream parties offered the option not to continue under the EU jackboot.

For fuck's sake, even the offer of an unloaded refendum would be good enough for me (and even for the majority of UKIP, I would imagine). The Tories have shown, both in rhetoric and action, that they fundamentally disagree with even asking the British people about this abso-fucking-lutely fundamental issue.

Until I see a change in both this policy and in the superior attitude of those leading the party*, I won't vote Tory. Full stop.

* Oh, yeah, and they can stick their state funding up their arse as well.


Anonymous said...

Yes. And you might have added: 'until the Conservative Party ceases to be run by young, professional politicians who know bugger-all about anything yet seek to impose their wills on those of us who do'.

Mind you, that probably encompasses all of the useless, statist bastards of whatever political persuasion.

Vote Conservative again? Not until Cameron and his juvenile cronies are history.

Anonymous said...

Gotta drop their obsession with out spending the tax and wasters too.
I won't be holding my breath.

S B said...

I must agree with you to a large extent. I recently met David Mundell (Shadow Secretary for Scotland). When I asked him about leaving the EU, he basically said that if I don't like the EU, then I should vote UKIP, because the Conservatives are not even going to discuss watering down policy on Europe. Surely, he should not be encouraging people to vote for another party?! I was sorely disappointed by this, and I think that he actually demonstrated that actually, it is very difficult, if not impossible to defend Europe.

Steven Bainbridge
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