Sunday, February 11, 2007

UKIP and The Telegraph

The Sunday Telegraph has laid into UKIP today. Trixy answers any questions you might have.

However, the main beef of the Telegraph's snide and rather deperate article is this.
Donations of less than £5,000 to any party's head office and those of less than £1,000 to a regional office do not need to be declared. All major parties receive funds below these thresholds, but Ukip appears to have received a disproportionately high amount of "below the radar" donations.

Of course, what this means is that the people who are members of UKIP still throw money into a bucket (as I saw at the Uckfield rally this weekend). At a time when the Tories are trying to cap donations at £50,000, UKIP doesn't have to worry: the vast majority of our donations come from people who can donate only the price of a hi-fi, or a month's heating, or a new frock. And yet, "Fuckface" d'Ancona, the most boring man on the planet, considers this to be a stick with which to beat UKIP. Is it jealousy?

The LibLabCon Parties have their big businessmen; UKIP don't. I consider this a virtue: Matthew d'Ancona's Telegraph thinks it's wrong. But he's a fucking cuntwipe.


Anonymous said...

So remind us who Alan Bown is again and how, if you've got no big money backers, 40% of your donations came only from him.

Trixy said...

When one speaks in terms of 'big money backers' they are talking about people like Stuart Wheeler who donated over £5 m to the Tory party.

Alan Bown is a 'big donor' in terms of the UK Independence Party, but in terms of political donors he's not huge.

But Alan's donations have been registered and that's all that the Electoral Commission requires.

Devil's Kitchen said...


You've been complimentary about me, and I have been complimentary about you; that doesn't mean that I agree with you, and you know that I don't about some things.

I look forward to meeting you tomorrow...


Gavin said...

As UKIP continues to make inroads into the Conservatives' core vote, they will increasingly use anything they can get against the party.
Actually, as you are becoming one of UKIP's most prominent spokespeople on the blogosphere, and as a party member too, please don't doubt for a moment that you (and your blog) will eventually be dragged into it, sooner or later. "UKIP's foul-mouthed blogger", "The blog where UKIP is just one four-letter word out of many".... I'm just saying, be prepared in advance, you've got to see this coming.

James Higham said...

This investigation is a total wank. Sorry but it's so.

Roger Thornhill said...

UKIP should be taking all of this as a supreme compliment. That said, this is all about diversion. Running to another's stall and cry "stinking fish".

P.s. I am not one for profanity, but the last sentence of your post got a roar from me. Bit like the youtube of all the LockStock "f***"'s.

Anonymous said...

If UKIP want's to get in it has to prove it's whiter than white ,one mistake and some sh-t will focus on it, Blogs are now on the radar , from us trash to the politcian's ,you now have your head above the parapet so be prepared to be shot at.

If we end up paying for politician's then I will be looking to see who voted or thought it was a good idea , they won't get my vote,I want out of the EU and UKIP has promises.

Gavin Ayling said...

Big donors are a worry because they then have a lot of leverage over policy (one assumes).

State funding would be the worst possible solution but I can see why Labour is concerned about a £50,000 maximum -- the unions would be useless to them then!

Anyway, the fairest option is a £50,000 maximum per person per year. The Tories should expect a backlash if they continue to support state-funding.

Martin said...


Now, now, one must be properly respectful.

Matthew d'Ancona might indeed bea cuntwipe; but he was also a Fellow of All Souls.

He is an All Soul's cuntwipe.

S B said...

What constitutes a political party anyway? How can one distinguish between a party and a pressure group?

State funding of political parties is just a complete joke and a danger to democracy in this country.

Steven Bainbridge
A View from the Right

CityUnslicker said...

state funding for political parties is just awful. Hence I blog about it alot.

The fact that D'Ancona lays into UKIP instead of having the guts to come out against this rape of the taxpayers says it all.


Anonymous said...

Would have thought that this was very dangerous territory for the Tories to get onto as they report considerably less in donations received by their Consituency Associations than does the Labour Party through its CPLs despite having much greater income at the constituency level

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