Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Terry Kelly and the adventure of the paedophile smear

Via Right For Scotland, Terry, you fuckwit, we can see your accusation right there in front of us in black and fucking white, you chimp!

This is from a comment exchange on Terry Kelly's blog [emphasis mine].
RightForScotland said...

I worked for many years as a youth volunteer in Paisley. During my time a man I worked with was nominated for these awards at least once (but alas did not receive anything).

I was merely taking an interest in what she did to get herself nominated now the awards have been reminded to me. It never entered my mind to pour scorn on her. I pour scorn on YOU but I have no reason to attack this woman that has only just come to my attention.

I give you my word that I was simply pointing out that your loyal readership may have expected you to list her achievements in support of her nomination and that I was asking if you could correct that omission.

Grow up Terry, this is why we say you stifle debate on your site - you will not even provide further facts on a simple request. Pathetic.

Cllr Terry Kelly said...
RFS - You "give me your word" well, you're not listening, I don't trust you. This is not stifling debate, do your own research.

You worked as a youth volunteer, that makes me shiver, judging by your recent comments I assume that was in the days before disclosure checks.

I see. So, Right For Scotland asks a reasonable question of Councillor Terry Kelly, and the noble public servant then accuses RFS of being a paedophile. That's one for the Standards Commission, wouldn't you say?

Or possibly the libel lawyer...


Anonymous said...

"If RFS was to apply to work with kids today based on what he writes in his blog, IMO he'd have no chance."

Oh, that's classy. God, what a revolting little man... Wonder if his constituents know about his blog?

Still, one assumes the people who do the assessing are a little brighter and more aware than Cllr Terry. Would be hard to be less, unless we are giving the job to lichen...

Martin said...


Terry Kelly's a waste of space, just another bullying Labour thug from Paisley.

If I were RfS, I'd bap him to the Standards Commission and send him an elf's-hat.

Having tangled with both members that particular blogging household, at least Rayleen possesses a measure of circumspection which her father does not; and one day very soon, his gob is going to land him into very, very hot water.

RfS said...


What is very bizarre (given who and what I am in real life) I find myself being nice to Rayleen who, despite possessing the ideological bent of her father enters into proper debate with her commenters. Indeed I have asked several civil questions of her regarding posts (requesting further info on the new multi-member wards and links to various Renfrewshire documents) and she has been nothing but generous to me.

Given what she has done to me indirectly over the last couple of years I find this surprising.

Praguetory said...

If I were RFS I would throw the book at this man. He is unfit for public office (and yes, I readily admit I thought that already).

Reactionary Snob said...

Do I sniff a fee?


Stan Bull said...

RS,I think you might.

And the Labourite in question still has not excised this slur? He's a bright one, isnt'he ?

Fidothedog said...

One for the Standards Commission methinks, will make Mr Terry's google search a tad bigger if nothing else!

I did a little post on him a few days back- using your bits trawled off the interweb and he sniffed that out no time at all - maybe he suffers from paranoia as well as socialism?

Anonymous said...

"...maybe he suffers from paranoia as well as socialism?"

Don't the two usually go together?

Ogre said...

What utter insanity!

Strangely enough, this wasn't even in response to a political question -- it was just asking about qualifications for a nomination. I guess there were no qualifications -- otherwise why would this Terry respond with personal attacks and name-calling? I think Terry is trying to cover up something here as well.

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