Friday, February 23, 2007

Stephen Norris: all mouth and no trousers

Interviewed on 18DoughtyStreet by Iain Dale, Steve "Shagger" Norris has said some very sensible things about the EU.

“The institution of the European Union which I think is corrupted and corrupting and largely redundant…if it were put to me that it were practicable the intention of Cameron’s Conservative party to withdraw ourselves formally from the European Union that wouldn’t cause me a single moment’s distress.

So, I'm a thoroughly-signed up Eurosceptic..."

Whilst this is all good stuff, strangely I can't find Steve's name on the list of those signed up to Better Off Out. I imagine that this is merely an oversight and that Norris will soon be apppearing on that illustrious list (a list which includes, I'm heartened to see, Mr Gavin Ayling).

Of course, if this is not an oversight and Norris has not signed up to Better Off Out, one might be forced to conclude that Shagger is all mouth and no trousers and, as such, as much of a waste of time as that fat fool, Letwin (of whom, more later).

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RfS said...

Good to see Philip Lardner signing up to the Better Off Out campaign. The Scottish Tories need more like him. Pity he came third in the list for May.

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