Saturday, February 10, 2007

Serve your time, scum

With Scotland mired in the most piss-awful government and a level of statism not seen since Communist Russia, it seems hardly surprising that this story should originate in my former homeland.
A convicted rapist has launched court action claiming his human rights are being breached because he has not been granted early release from jail.

David Laidlaw, 52, from Midlothian, is serving a six year sentence in Dumfries Prison for raping a 42-year-old woman, while armed with a knife.

However, the former taxi driver claims that he was entitled to be freed last October under the early release scheme.

You fucking what?

Since when has early release been a human right? Look, if prisoners were automatically required only to serve half of their fucking jail sentence, then we wouldn't bother to send cunts like this down for 6 years; we'd just send 'em down for 3. So shut the fuck up, Laidlaw, you disgusting piece of filth: shut your fucking criminal mouth.

This just isn't on. At what point, for fuck's sake, are we going to rule that, once convicted of a crime, you forfeit all rights for the duration of your sentence? Surely this is entirely reasonable? This cunt violated his victim's human rights in several different ways, so he should forfeit his. And if that means that his balls are sliced off by the guards and flushed down the fucking bog, well, that'll really serve as a general disincentive, won't it?

This is fucking shit and a symbol of how utterly fucking crap this country has become. One can only conclude that this rapist's balls will be following those of our politicians around the u-bend...


Anonymous said...

And no doubt that he will receive legal aid, all at taxpayers expense.

Fidothedog said...

If you want him to suffer whilst doing his time in the big house, maybe Clr Terry Kerry could pay him a visit...

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