Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Road-pricing makes me dizzy

We touched on road-pricing on 18DS last night and the popularity of the Number 10 petition on the subject. As usual that hasn't stopped some wanker from The Independent from dismissing it out of hand. Steve Richards (may his tyres burst and his airbag fail) has decided, like many arseholes from the likes of The Independent, that everyone is wrong and that the government is king, god, parent and protector and that we must be punished guided for our own good. Or, actually, for his good.

I was going to have a bit of a fisk, but young Dizzy has laid into the man with a quiet and controlled fury that is smooth and hot, like melted chocolate.
So let's get this straight. The transport system was crap. After ten years of Labour the transport system is still crap. The only difference is that Labour have just done more less crap less. Sorry Steve, I think that argument is crap.

Just because they offer you no alternative it does not make them wrong. Let's see, couple road pricing with the inherent dependency culture fostered by tax credits amongst the poor and you instantly remove another means for social mobility. It is not for critics to offer an alternative, it for policy wonks to solve the much greater issue of restricting the free movement of the already Government-nurtured underclass. There was me naively thinking that the Left cared about the many, not just the few at the top. Richards has kindly helped me out with that perception though,
"The policy should not be seen as a sacrifice, a mistake made too often when new charges are introduced. On the contrary, for selfish reasons I want fewer cars on the roads so I can get to places more quickly."

To quote the ever wise Edmund Blackadder, "Toffs at the top, plebs at the bottom, and me in the middle making a fat pile of cash out of both of them." OK, maybe he won't be making cash, but the inherent point remains, don't bother with aspiration if you're poor, just accept your tax credits, stay in your sink estate, and let us more important elite snobs have our roads back because we can afford them. Pull the ladder up Jack!

Yes, that's right: it's one of those Independent journalist is selfish, shitbag, hypocrite with his head so far up Ken's arsehole that he can see the newt-loving bastard's tonsils waggling as he lies. Why am I not surprised?

Go and read the rest of Dizzy's piece, whilst I collect my bile...

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Anonymous said...

oh come on Dizzy dig into your pocket ,this lot have to pay for two wars, Global warming ,EU ,business mates and mp wages and pensions ,you are a part of the chosen people ,they chose you ,so pay up.

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