Friday, February 23, 2007


Via Nosemonkey, I see that Romano Prodi has been forced to resign after only nine months as Italy's PM.
ROME (AP) - Premier Romano Prodi resigned Wednesday after nine months in office following an embarrassing loss by his center-left government in the Senate on foreign policy, including Italy's military mission in Afghanistan.

Romano Prodi—who preceded Barroso as head of the EU Commission—was, of course, at one point accused of being a KGB agent.
In April 2006, a British Member of the European Parliament for London, Gerard Batten of UKIP, claimed that Litvinenko had said he had been told that Romano Prodi, the Italian centre-left leader, the current Prime Minister of Italy and former President of the European Commission, had been the KGB's "man in Italy." Batten demanded an inquiry into the allegations. He told the European Parliament that Litvinenko had been informed by FSB deputy chief, General Anatoly Trofimov (who was shot dead in Moscow in 2005) that "Romano Prodi is our man (in Italy)".[33]According to Brussels-based newspaper, the EU Reporter on 3 April 2006, "another high-level source, a former KGB operative in London, has confirmed the story".

That operative is rumoured to have been the defector, Igor Gordievsky.

Anyway, Prodiu has a number of unique talents which I am sure will ensure that he will be employed again very soon. [Emphasis mine.]
On April 2, 1978, Prodi and other members of the faculty of the University of Bologna passed on a tip about a safe house where Aldo Moro, the former Prime Minister kidnapped by the Red Brigades, was detained. Prodi claimed he had been given the tip by the founders of the Christian Democratic Party, contacted from beyond the grave via a séance and a Ouija board. While Prodi thought the word Gradoli referred to a town on the outskirts of Rome, it likely referred to the Roman address of a BR safehouse, located at via Gradoli 96. Later, other Italian members of the European Commission claimed that Prodi had invented this story to conceal the real source of the tip, which they believed to have originated in the Italian extraparliamentary left.

With that kind of power, I imagine that Romano will be swiftly employed as a medium, if nothing else. If he also has the power to look into the future, as welll as contact the dead, perhaps Signor Prodi could enlighten us as to when Litvinenko's pal, Mario Scaramella will be released from prison too...?


CityUnslicker said...

It is a sad reflection on Italy that such a unable man has been allowed to bestide their country.

How long until a berluscoi resurgence?

Martin said...


Firstly it's Oleg Gordievsky, not Igor.

Secondly everything that Oleg Gordievsky says in relation to anything should be taken with an extremly large pinch of salt.

His opinions of both Alexander Litvinenko and their common patron Boris Berezovsky have changed markedly over the last six years -

If Gordievsky is anything, then he is either

A. Still working for the British Intelligence Services on the mother of all political ratfucks; or

B. Has fallen lock stock and barrel into Boris Berezovsky's pocket.

While Scenario 'A' is probably more likely, Scenario B also has its attractions.

Berezovsky, the Islamist apologist and liar Akhmad Zakayev and Gordievsky represent a perfect anti-Putin tripod; the oligarchs, the Chechens and the old anti-statists. The one thing that shines out from everything Gordievsky writes is his hatred of the Soviet/Russian security apparatus.

Zakayev lives in a house owned by Berezovsky, and issued an appreciation of Shamil Basayev, the architect of the Beslan school massacre, after the Russians finally iced the bastard last year. He's also the father of 'The Great Big 'Alexander Litvinenko Died A Muslim' Lie'.

Now, what really gets me about Gerard Batten's speech to the European Parliament is this:

Berezovsky has employed the Tories' former PR adviser Tim Bell for at least four years. In 2003 BB gave an interview in which he boasted of his links with the Conservatives.

Let's be honest, Litvinenko didn't go for a piss without Boris Berezovsky's knowledge and/or permission. It is beyond belief that Litvinenko and Gordievsky would run off to a perhaps naive UKIP MEP without Berezovsky knowing about it.

So why would they go to a UKIP guy when their patron is so well connected to the Conservatives?

It couldn't have been because they were trying to kill the two birds of Romano Prodi and UKIP with one stone - surely?

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