Friday, February 23, 2007

More U-kipper-y...

A missive reaches me from a trusted source about the reason that the UKIP South East accounts were late.
The accountant is Robin Collet. Robin Collet had an aneurysm whilst driving in his car, swerved off the road and into a ditch. Luckily, the person behind him had a relative who had recently had an aneurysm, knew the signs immediately, called 999 and Robin got to hospital in time.

The leading specialists in the UK were flown down to treat him and gave him a 1% chance of survival and when he did, indeed, pull through all of the specialists in the country flew down to wonder at how the bloody hell he had managed it.

So UKIP South East applied for an extension to the accounts, given these circumstances, and it was granted by the Electoral Commission. And now the EC are saying that they are going to fine us for late filing of the accounts...

I think that it is time to find out who the people comprising this shadowy Electoral Commission are, don't you?

UPDATE: Stephen Pollard is right about the Electoral Commission.
A rule designed to stop foreign donors is being used to stop UKIP taking money from a British citizen who has created thousands of jobs and paid millions in tax.

Meanwhile, electoral fraud is rife and the useless Sam Younger does nothing of any value. What a pathetic man, What a ridiculous body. What a warped sense of priorities.

He was doing so well, and then writes something like this...
As regular readers will know, I regard UKIP as a bunch of nutters and think their policy of pulling out of the EU dangerous folly.

Stephen, the very least that you could do would be to provide a link, for those of us who do not read you very often, as to why you think that "pulling out of the EU [is a] dangerous folly". Personally, I think that withdrawal makes every kind of sense and there are absolutely no arguments for remaining in; I've certainly never heard one convincing argument for staying.

But, anyway, I digress: the Electoral Commission: what a bunch of poisonous twits, eh?

UPDATE 2: Stephen Pollard has now posted a link to a Civitas paper that he wrote [PDF] with, of all people, Lord Pearson.

UPDATE 3: having read the conclusion of the paper so far, I disgree utterly and I believe that events since 2005 (when it was written) will back me up (not least Pearson's defection). However, I have promised Stephen a proper fisking in the next couple of days and so we have both cried, "let battle commence!"

Your humble Devil is looking forward to it...


Bishop Hill said...

Pollard agrees.

Anonymous said...

To be fair on the Robin story DK, did UKIP SE file after the extension, or during the extension? If they filed during the extension then I agree with you.....

Trixy said...

They filed, and were granted, an extension.

The first the party heard about the fine was in the guardian...

Anonymous said...

Trixy, that doesnt answer the question. "Paxman mode on" Did UKIP SE file their accounts with EC after the end of the extension, or during the extension period? "Paxman mode off"

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the Pollard paper - Events in the two years since it was written haven't supported his case at all.

Anonymous said...

Re the impermissible donation to UKIP it clearly was - the idiots should have checked what the Act clearly requires them to check - UKIP will probably be told to send the donation back so that the now eligible donor can resend it so I suspect that this will all be a storm in a tea cup. However, perhaps the Electoral Commission could turn their attention to more serious matters as outlined in the attached post on Guido's site.

Anonymous said...
Re the Tory property deal a few questions need to be asked:

How can you buy something for £15m and sell it for £30m a few months later and claim that it was orginally given to you on commercial terms (especially if you are an experienced property devloper) and hence have no donation to report per s50 of PPERA?

If the original purchase was a donation under PPERA - was the donor (a British Virgin Islands company) a permissible donor? (not a very hard question)

If the donor was not a permissible donor is there any good reason why the £15m benefit is not conficated by the Electoral Commission and paid to the Treasury? (Gordo will love this)

Is there any good reason why the Electoral Commission/Police are not yey investigating this whole stinking deal?

1:31 PM

It is said that the Electoral Commission have examined the ultimate sale of the property - perhaps they should look at the purchase of the freehold - or would this be too difficult for them to understand

Bag said...

On the downside. It again makes them look like a bunch of amateurs running the school fete. OK, I think they have a good reason for this particular episode but it won't be fully explained in the press and you can be sure many will be thinking fraud or even the next down incompetence is not much better.

Although to be honest I think this will work out well for them. £300K is nothing to this guy he may even decide to give it again as it was his omission that caused it. Plus others will. It also highlights the hypocrisy in the political body and many will notice this. It will give them a boost to be seen as bullied.

Anonymous said...

A 3 minute google of the Electoral Commission website discloses some insight into the excellence and qualifications for office of the Electoral Commissioners: for instance

Sam Younger (chairman)

twenty years at the BBC,

Sir Neil McIntosh

Scottish Adviser for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Honorary Doctorates from Syracuse University, USA and Glasgow Caledonian University. very distinguished!

Pamela Gordon

Governor of Sheffield Hallam University (powerhouse of academe in Yorkshire - I think not), and was Chair of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation Advisory Group on Local Government

Glyn Mathias


Karamjit Singh

"His career has also covered academia, the voluntary sector, the Commission for Racial Equality and local government. He was Assistant County Clerk (Urban Policies) for Leicestershire County Council from 1984-87." In other words another deadbeat

Peter Wardle (Chief Executive)

Director of Strategy and Planning for the Inland Revenue and Director of Corporate Services for the Cabinet Office. In other words at least two senior non-jobs involving a lot of meetings and writing of unread memos.

DK I look forward to your usual elaborate exposure of this catalogue of B-list apparatchiks.

Anonymous said...

"UKIP will probably be told to send the donation back so that the now eligible donor can resend it so I suspect that this will all be a storm in a tea cup."

Not how it works, Anon, old chum. Inadmissable donations go to the Treasury.

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