Thursday, February 08, 2007

More C.Hunt-ery

When I first discovered Polly Toynbee, I was overjoyed; what a rich seam of material to mock! What logical fallacies, what overweening ignorance! So, you can imagine my pleasure upon discovering Ms Hunt. I was going to leave it a bit, but there's just so much to go for! There are a few points, for instance, on her recent "report" on PMQs. "An exhaustive summary" it most certainly isn't.
Next Ming - Ming decided to pick up the very important issue of rape conviction in the UK. It is a disgrace how low the rape conviction rate is in the UK. Of course again Blair has avoided the question again. I'm confused by his statement that "the conviction rate has gone up but the proportion of convictions from reported rapes has gone down" So rape conviction is down and rape cases are up? That's surely not a good thing.

Well, Caroline, it rather depends whether you think that cases should be judged on the evidence of whether you think that anyone accused ought to be automatically convicted, you stupid girl. Or would you set some targets?

"I'm sorry, Mr Smith; we all think that you're innocent, but we have to meet our targets so I'm afraid it's 15 years without parole for you."
Kate Hoey asked a good one on the NHS. Why is a clinic in her constituency being closed in the face of massive local opposition. And as always Blair goes back to the Standard Book of New Labour Spin to respond by saying that overall in this country the NHS is getting better (really? Not what stories like this indicate).

Well, perhaps, former Labour minister, Kate Hoey, could answer that question herself? Because that is Labour policy.
Finally a Tory question! But unfortunately it's on the EU. Yes the constitution shouldn't be revived and yes we should know whats going on but really - NOBODY CARES! The British public really aren't interested.

Well, they fucking should be, Caroline; besides, how many members of the "British public" watch PMQs, do you think?

Anyway the government's own (rather low) estimation, 50% of our legislation comes from the EU, which makes it pretty fucking important in my book. And the Constitution is enormously important because it establishes the EU as a legal entity and thus effectively spells the beginning of the end for its constituent states.

Look, Caroline, a good proportion of the general public think that Z-List Celebrities are more important than the EU: should our MPs spend all their time discussing whether Rooney really did sleep with that prostitute? Or who's died this week on Eastenders?

The Constitution is being revived, as it happens; now, I know you Conservatives don't give a shit because you are pro-EU, but some of us do care.
The government is in meltdown and this was the best question you could come up with? Yeesh. (good to hear Blair promise a referendum though).
Ah, right; that'll be this referendum, will it? You know, the one that he promised to have, irrespective of the French and Dutch results, in the debate on Monday 21st June 2004 (3.30pm).
Exactly so. Regardless of how other members vote, we will have a referendum on the subject.

He's leaving it a bit late, wouldn't you say?

And, remind me again: when did Cameron promise a referendum?
And at this point you can quite clearly see Prescott has fallen asleep.

No surprises there.
Another Lib Dem question on rape. Is this the issue of the week for the Lib Dems? I hope so - it's an area of crime that really needs some serious work in this country. I understand from lawyers as well that legal changes really need to be made to get the system working properly again.

Yup, why not just assume that all men are automatically guilty, eh? That would help. Oh, and how about correcting the anomaly that women cannot be convicted of rape? That would be a piece of equality legislation that I would like to see.

Hang on, you little tit, you think that the EU is not worth discussing, but the incidence of rape conviction is? You're so stupid, it hurts.
The Labour MP for Merhyr Tydfil talking about workers rights. Quelle Suprise. I wouldn't normally be so dismissive but if he's going to refer to the Tory toffocracy then I feel he deserves mockery. He's worried about us withdrawing from the EU social chapter? He should talk to some lorry drivers. I used to do a live radio phone in at 2:30am and as such became very familiar with the worries of lorry drivers and I can tell you they ALL want to withdraw from the proscriptive and controlling legislation that is the Social Chapter.

I'm not going to ask how you are so familiar with lorry drivers, my dear, but next time that you... er... meet some, perhaps you would like to inform them that the Social Chapter doesn't exist, and so Cameron's pledge to withdraw from it is either a sign of stupifying ignorance or a bare-faced lie.
For fuck's sake, I wish these Tories would either get informed or stop lying to people. As I have said before, we cannot opt out of the Social Chapter because it doesn't fucking exist any more! It is now contained in Articles 136–145 of the Treaty of Amsterdam, which Cameron cannot just unsign.

It would require a unamimous vote in the Council of Ministers to make a change to this Treaty, which will never happen. So, is Mr Cameron a fool or a liar? Come to think of it, if you see Cammy-Baby in your capacity as a CF member, why don't you ask him the question?

And you, Caroline, you can answer me now: are you an ignorant fool or a shameless liar?

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