Monday, February 26, 2007


Does anyone know the whereabouts of Adrian Lithgow?

In September, wee Adrian was appointed as Head of Communications at the UK Independence Party and yet Adrian has not been seen or heard from during the current media shitstorm. At all.

Fears are growing for Adrian's safety; as the party is attacked from all sides, it is feared that Adrian may have succumbed to some for of extreme laryngitis. Certainly he seems to have entirely lost his voice.

Other party members are beginning to fear that young Adrian may be wandering around a wilderness somewhere, unable to remember who or where he is.

In order to help, The Devil's Kitchen is offering a reward** to anyone who can give us information leading to Adrian's discovery.

Please help.

* He'd better be.
** A Cadbury's Cream Egg.


Tartan Hero said...

Who really cares where he is? A good Comms guy can only manage reputation so much before they are over-taken by events, in this case the demise of one-hit-wonder political party

Trixy said...

Demise? You speak too soon, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Nowt from the new Comms guy but the old press officer, the odious commie shit stain Croucher gets a quote which doesn't exactly reflect the party in a good light.
Still, if the political establishment are going to this much bother to try to pull the rug - we must be doing something right.

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