Thursday, February 22, 2007

J.I.S.M. Award #1

This week's J.I.S.M. (Journalist Indicating Stupid Mendacity) Award goes to Shari Low at the crap, Scottish rag known as The Daily Record, for this amazingly pathetic attempt to smear UKIP whilst ignoring some very salient points.
THIS week's esteemed P.I.S.H. award (Politician In Smoking Hypocrisy) is puffing its way across to Nigel Farage, MEP.

He's the leader of the UK Independence Party, who admitted to being one of the ministers who ignored the European Parliament's ban on smoking within its buildings, a revolt that was so widespread that the ban was scrapped after only 43 days.

Farage is a "minister" is he? Fuck me, there was I thinking that he was just a standard MEP. Wow! The things one learns from the MSM, eh?
According to Farage: "I don't want to be told by PC people what I can and cannot do."

Welcome to our world, Mr Farage.

He joins the long line of elected members whose self-serving arrogance is the equivalent of sticking two fingers up at the rest of us - and his two fingers are the ones clutching a Lambert and Butler.

Um, Shari, just how—precisely—is that hypocrisy? UKIP are against the smoking ban.

Now, depending where you stand on this argument, you may think that this is a good or bad thing but it is, never the less, entirely consistent with UKIP's libertarian principles. Further, Farage's attitude is entirely in tune with his principles and the principles that he and his party advocate. So, again, Shari, you fucking dunderhead, where is the hypocrisy here?

A richly deserved inaugural J.I.S.M. award, I think that you will agree.

On the upside, why not watch Farage pitted against Andrew Neil on Straight Talk?

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