Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jackart and the Tories

Jackart feels that I have been harping on about the Tories far too much.
Is it just me, or are you finding DK a bit, well... Shrill on the subject of the Tories?

If it's any consolation, I have felt that as well and so this will be the last time that I write about them for a while. Well, until they come out with yet another stupid, fucking policy. And it is certainly tru that your humble Devil has been somewhat distracted over the last few weeks and has not been at his best...
Most conservative members agree with more or less everything UKIP says. Most, like me, however have taken the practical stance that "politics is the art of the possible" and advocating withdrawl would mean another term in opposition.

I don't see this at all. The polls consistently show a majority of British people—including businessmen—are firmly against the EU. The case for withdrawal could easily be made.
That is not to say a genuinely Eurosceptic Tory party isn't a project for the future, it's just that it's counterproductive now.

Actually, I can see that; if the Tories made a proper case against the EU, they would have to reveal how much of our right to self-government they have already given away. The Tories would have to admit that Heath knew that he was taking us into a federal superstate in 1973. The Conservatives would have to admit that for the last 35 years they (and all of their other political cronies) have been obeying the spirit of the EU's founder, Jean Monnet, when he said the following.
"It is as well to state this at the outset—no government dependent on a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifices which any adequate plan for European Union must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked, in advance of having received any of the benefits which will accrue to them from the plan, to make changes of which they may not at first recognize the advantage to themselves as well as to the rest of the world. No satisfactory economic plan for Europe can be devised without sacrifice of sovereignty by the nations concerned."

Your humble Devil wrote a passionate diatribe a while ago, laying out his position in no uncertain terms.
And what are we met with from our media and politicians? Lies, prevarications, bluster, evasion and yet more fucking lies. I'm fucking sick of it; I'm sick of yelling into space and seeing our politicians cover their ears and eyes and ignore not only my screams—our screams—of rage and frustration, but also those of the unfortunates who die because of the EU, who die in part because of our membership of an organisation which makes its money out of making them poorer.

Fine, vote for that if you want to. For me, no more. For me, I'm going to vote with my conscience and my head. I am going to vote against our membership of this cartel. I am going to do my part to make UKIP work and even if it is still a ramshackle piece of shit when the elections come then I will still vote for it because, for the first time in my life, I will be voting for something that I believe in.

And if you are happy to leave our organised officials to lie to and cheat further generations, to continue to feather their own nests, to continue to shove their noses in the trough then all you have to do is vote for them. If that is what your conscience tells you to do, then that's great. But, just do me a favour, you anti-EU people, when you put that cross in the box for the Tory or the LibDem or the NuLabour candidate; do me a favour and say to yourself as you do it, "I am a hypocrite and no better than those I rail against." Have the decency to admit it, if only to yourself. And at that point we may as well just abolish our democracy.

Actually, people such as the Dude have essentially admitted that our democracy is a pointless waste of time: if people are willing to vote for a party whose values they don't share, simply to remove another party (of extraordinarily similar views) then what is the fucking point?
The British people always get it right (though usually after "exhausting all alternatives"). We have rejected extremism - both facism and communinsm. We've kept our Monarchy. Our flirtation with socialism ended with not too much damage done.

That last point is certainly open to debate. Many of us would opine that we are still socialist and that immense damage to both our economic and social systems has been done, continues to be done and we continue to pay for this.
We will reject (are rejecting?) the EU and all its works.

Yeah? Erm... How are we doing that? Practically, I mean? Through referenda? Er, no. No, Jackart and his ilk are rejecting the EU through voting for a... er... pro-EU party. Yup, that's real affirmative action, that is. You'll be telling me that you are lso rejecting state funding of political parties by voting Tory next.

The only good thing that the Tories have done is to reject ID cards (and fuck me but that's taken a while, hasn't it). So, admittedly, kudos to them there; it's a good strategy (they wouldn't want to lose too many votes to the LibDems, would they?).
The Peoples of Europe are rejecting it too.

Er, well, yes. But their polticians aren't, but those elites are relying on idiots like Jackart to continue voting for them (and the EU) just to get the other bastards out. See how the political elite rings the bell and the little voter doggies start to drool?
There's no need to hurry the process...
I don't know; you see, I am not overly keen on being ruled by an unelected bureaucracy effectively acting as a foreign power. Call me a silly, old reactionary, if you like.

And for someone who constantly bangs on about how poor Gordon Brown makes us, my dear Jackart, you seem remarkably—one might say, hypocritically—unconcerned about the estimated 10% of GDP (roughly £100 billion) per year that the EU currently costs us.
...and I doubt we could...

I think that our withdrawal alone would speed things along nicely, actually.
- the edifice is a house of cards and will collapse in its own good time.

Doing how much damage in the interim? After making how many people poorer? After killing how many more people in the Developing World? After asserting how much more control over our justice system? After debasing our Parliament, politicians and political discourse how much further?
With that in mind, my political priorities are to
  1. Get Labour out

  2. Erm...

  3. ....That's it.

There's no doubt that a vote for UKIP makes this end less likely.

You see, if everyone who felt as Jackart does voted for UKIP, I think that we would garner a goodly number of MPs. But whilst people are blinkered by this two party system idea, it isn't going to happen. It didn't matter so much when the Tories even pretended to offer something different: now, they aren't even making the effort.

There is a time window on when we can easily leave the EU; when what the Freedom Association calls "the last treaty" is signed around 2010, we will be moving into the endgame for Britain as an independent nation. That's what people such as Jackart cannot seem to grasp: we don't have decades to amble along, hoping everything is going to be OK. We have, maybe, one decade.

And then it's "goodnight Britain, thanks for joining in"...


Anonymous said...

The EU issue and the viability of UKIP as an election winning party raise difficult questions for the anti-Labour voter. As someone who hates the Socialist bastards, getting them out is of the highest priority. The degree of impoverishment and social / moral decline directly attributable to Labour are more directly relevant to most people as voting criteria, than the effects of the EU. Remember, that outside the classes who take an active interest in politics, the problems forced upon us by the EU are not adequately appreciated.
The nightmare scenario is that if the non-Labour / Lib Dem vote is spilt (as in Bromley), we could end up with another 5 years of this scum. That is not a scenario I would wish to see the morning after the General Election. Principle is great, but if it's price is another five years of Brown & Co then it must be put aside.
(The only weakness to this argument is that Cameron is a twat and the gamble is that his quasi-socialist utterances are merely concealing true Tory ideals. If not then we're all fucked..)

Anonymous said...

Good God, man. You really are in fine form today.

Where do I sign?

James Higham said...

The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences, not asked, in advance of having received any of the benefits which will accrue to them from the plan, to make changes of which they may not at first recognize the advantage to themselves as well as to the rest of the world.

This is exactly what I'm banging on about, only the agenda is more sinister than that.

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