Monday, February 05, 2007

I don't know about you...

... but I'm almost looking forward to The Gobblin' King's next Budget.
There is a '"strong possibility" that interest rates in the UK will rise in February, according to a report.

Research by BDO Stoy Hayward, which unites the UK's main business surveys, shows that inflation expectations have "shot to a two-year high".

The Monetary Policy Committee (MCP) can up rates to tackle inflation or use a risky "wait and see" stance, said BDO.

The survey comes after the Bank of England unexpectedly raised rates in January to 5.25% from 5%.

"Worries over further interest rate rises are starting to dent business confidence", said BDO.

The rise in inflation has been especially obvious in the service sector.

Higher pay demands at the start of the year, as well as the impact of rising oil prices on travel costs and heating, have fuelled the rise.

What was that, Gordo; an "end to boom and bust..."? Ach, I shouldn't worry for, as we all know, Gordon Brown is an economic genius.

However, if you have forgotten just how lucky we are to have Our Cyclopean Chancellor ruling us, why not refresh your memory with the Dude's quick reference guides?
  1. Gordon Brown: Financial Genius Part I
    In May '99 our esteemed chancellor sold half of Britain's gold reserves for less than $280 an ounce, to reduce our reserves to just 7% held in that metal. It is trading today at $473 an ounce.

    With the proceeds, he used 40% to buy Euros then trading at around 0.69, more or less exactly where they are now. He used 40% to buy U.S. Dollars at around 1.62, 10% or so above where they are now. He used the remainder, 20%, to buy Yen at around 195, More or less exactly where they are now.

    The Euro especially performed very poorly against sterling in the 3 years following this decision (do you remember exporters complaining about the Pound's strength?), so the performance of this sale of gold should be seen as a disaster. If I did something so fundamentally wrong for my clients, I would be bent over by the Financial Services Authority and buggered 'till my arse looked like a wind-sock and I thought I'd been fucked by a train (metaphorically speaking, of course). And quite right too.

  2. Gordon Brown: Financial Genius Part II
    I've heard people complain, saying "why doesn't the press/Tory party/professional bodies complain if the Chancellor is so bad?" The answer is he is so wrong, on so many issues, so often, all his critics can't agree on what's his worst policy. Without focus, all the public hear is noise. In any case there's even more to get your teeth into in yesterday's statement.

  3. Gordon Brown: Financial Genius Part III
    There are lots of issues facing the world economy at the moment.

    What is our Chancellor doing?

    Our Chancellor is increasing taxation at the peak of the economic cycle which is unsustainable. Regulation is reducing competiveness. He is levying windfall taxes on the North-sea Oil and gas industry, despite concerns about our energy security. He sold our gold at the bottom of the market, $270 per ounce (it is now over $700). - go short gold when the mendacious Presbyterian bastard buys it again. He is increasing the UK's borrowing, when we should be repaying debt. In short he is doing everything wrong.

  4. Gordon Brown: Financial Genius Part IV
    Gordon Brown isn't a financial version of Yoda "Strong with the ways of money is he. Yes". Hes a grasping socialist shit-bag who believes that any money which isn't spent by the state or given in 'benefits' is 'lost'. He has cranked up debt, borrowing and spending, and poured regulatory glue into the economy's works, to finance a client state of benefit recipients and worthless state apparatchiks. This weakens the public finances especially as he has done it during a phase of almost unprecedented global economic growth. What is more this growth has been steady and sustained - led by the US and China. The economic comfort has nothing NOTHING to do with the utter cunt who resides in No. 11.

  5. Gordon Brown: Financial Genius Part V
    Whats the fucking good, Gordon, of earning £25,000 if you have to spend £17,750 merely surviving? Your measure should be disposable income after tax, a measure which your policies have seen shrink. You've increased the size of the state, decreased public sector productivity, increased taxation and regulation on business to strangulation levels and as a reuslt private sector employment is not growing. You sold Gold at the bottom and bought Euros at the top. You've increased the tax burden through a boom, when it should have been shrinking. You've endebted this country when we should be posting surplusses. You've raided the pension funds, turning the most solvent pension industries in the world into a basket-case and directly causing the closing of most good final salary schemes. Your tax-credit policy is a mess, and a personal disaster for those unfortunates who get on the wrong side of it. Despite the rapacious taxation, you can't release the funds to properly equip the Armed Forces that your Government so constantly puts in harms way. You're a cunt, Gordan and I hate you.

So do I, you one-eyed bastard. I hope that you die, but not before you see your name dragged through the gutter, you terrible, terrible cunt.


Anonymous said...

George Osborne

Take fucking note you wimp.

Gavin Ayling said...

The trouble is the BBC and the Tories both concede too much to Brown. The BBC especially, focus on the years of growth and fail to focus on (mention, even) the unambiguous failures that you so effectively summarise.

I agree with Crackers.

Anonymous said...

That Gordon Brownarse annoys me so much I can't even llok at his picture in the paper or on TV, he is a despicable treachourous shitebag of epic proportions.

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