Monday, February 05, 2007

Harriet "Gormless" Harman gets stuffed

Personally, I'm not a fan of Andrew Neil, but this description of him shitting on Harriet Harman's head and then rubbing the sweetcorn pieces into her eyeballs is quite frankly hilarious. Do you and read the whole thing, although here's a pertinent snippet...
"Can I put it to you that the only reason for doing this is to try and head off the rising tide of English Nationalism? Can I put it to you that this is entirely of New Labour’s making due to the fact that the English have been left out of the devolution debate?

St Harriet was squirming. Either she wanted the bog like right away – or Andrew Neil’s truth stick was sticking somewhere where the Sun don’t shine.

St Harriet didn’t believe it was the case… "I don’t believe it is the case" she said.

He ripped her head off, dribbled with it, did a bit of keepy-uppy and smashed it into an open goal.

"So you don’t believe it’s the case? Ms Harman, let me tell you, (jabby finger) we get more correspondence on the issue of West Lothian and the dissatisfaction of the English due to your government’s policies on devolution than anything else. We get piles of emails whenever we raise the issue. The people of England are very angry about it"…

St Harriet didn’t believe it. "I don’t believe it" she said.

"We’ll see what our viewers have to say" said Neil…

They went onto another item somewhere on location, then came back to the studio - and Andrew Neil with a pile of emails in front of him.

"Well, I told you our viewers would have something to say about it Harriet…. We haven’t got time to read any of them out because we’re about to go off air – so you can take them with you"…….

With that he plonked them in front of her.

Watch out, but the way: the link from the awful bitch's name goes to her god-awful blog, which is so terrifyingly bad that it is just possible that it may send you temporarily blind...


CityUnslicker said...

our future deputy PM. Oh were we to be blessed so.

Where is yout post on the name change? It merits a discussion.

Fidothedog said...

Upon reading her New Labour pr blog I saw the bit about the Welsh all women group.

One has to ask if they were the sad bunch responsible for the do nothing MP Jessica Morden that got dumped on the good voters of Newport.

An odd looking bunch of lesbians and wymin it must be said.

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