Thursday, February 15, 2007


Your humble Devil had reached a point at which Google's Adsense had started to reach a reasonable rate of pay at The Kitchen. However, over the last week, I have noticed that the adverts were not showing up. So I emailed the Adsense team and, to be fair, received a prompt reply.
As your site was found to be in violation of our programme policies, it is no longer eligible for participation in the AdSense programme.

As you may know, we currently do not run paid Google ads on web pages that are determined to contain potentially sensitive, negative or non-family safe content.

In your case, I have reviewed your site once again and confirmed that its content falls into a category that we are not able to help you monetise at this time. As per our programme policies (, sites displaying Google ads may not include violent content, advocacy against any individual, group, or organization or excessive profanity.

You will recall that they attempted to shut down my Adsense a little while back although, in that case, they had the decency to email me and, upon review, to reverse their decision. This time, they did not perform that courtesy. I publish this as a warning to my fellow swearbloggers, as Google have obviously changed their policies; what other explanation can there be for the fact that they have let me run Adsense for the last 18 months?

As private company, this is entirely their decision of course, brake on free speech though it might be interpreted to be. But, what puzzles me is why Google should not advertise on "non-family safe" sites: it is not as though I am advertising on Google. Their ads are not going to cause anyone to arrive at The Kitchen, where little kiddies might be exposed to some naughty words (including "fuck" and "cunt", two of the oldest words in the English language).

Oh well, the dollar exchange rate is fucking shit at the moment anyway.


Anonymous said...

Google ads are generated/chosen by the content of the page. Companies may not want to be associated with your page because it tarnishes their brand to be seen next to profanity. Google does not want to be seen as supporting a website that say might promote violence or racism because it damages the trusted Google brand.
It might be worth appealing the decision again, based on being merely a political blog with profanity, rather than a site generating hate. Google’s checks probably just check for the amount of swearing, not the actual content.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I have tried appealing but they are sticking by their decision.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, the verb 'to monetise' offends me rather more than your most robust Anglo-Saxon content.

Following it with " this time" is just further micturation deficit.

wonkotsane said...

They emailed me as well telling me that the message "Click an ad and help pay for hosting" breaches their terms. They pay crap money anyway.

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