Friday, February 16, 2007

EU criminal databases

The Telegraph has finally realised that, just possibly, the EU might be interested in retaining a lot of information on its citizens (totalitarian states are very keen on this sort of thing).
Police across the EU are to be given free access to Britain's DNA, fingerprint and car registration databases in a move denounced last night as the creation of "Big Brother Europe".

Well, fuck me, someone has finally woken up, have they? Well done, you're only 15 years too late.
But critics last night questioned whether access to the databases would have the same security safeguards throughout the EU.

Look, why worry about it? It's going to happen, so you just sit back and wait for EuroPol (whose members and members' families are, by the way, immune from prosecution) to kick down your fucking door.
David Heath, the Liberal Democrat spokesman, said: "While sharing information about convicted criminals is obviously helpful to crime prevention, it is quite another thing to be sharing information about innocent citizens, and worse still to be sharing it without the approval of either the UK or European parliaments."

Well, David, might I suggest that if you think that this is a bad idea that you don't get your fucking party TO VOTE FOR IT THEN, YOU FUCKING COCK!
David Davis, the shadow home secretary, said: "The decision to share broad categories of information across the enlarged EU is deeply troubling. The information includes personal data, it is not limited to criminals and there are no reliable means to guarantee the safeguards on the use of that information by criminals gangs or those not entitled to use that data."

He added: "At a time when the Government's failure to ensure the proper registration of criminal convictions by British nationals in the EU is the subject of investigation, it is astonishing that ministers are proceeding with such a risky scheme without properly thinking through the consequences or debating it properly in Parliament."

Well, A.N. Other David, the same applies to you: if you don't like it, don't vote for it. This is what the EU is about, why don;t you cunts understand this? Are you being wilfully dense or what?

You, you fucking Tory cunts, approve of this because you want to remain within the EU. Don't you fucking get it? This is what the EU is about: it is about passing a whole load of legislation without "debating it properly in Parliament"; they don't need to debate it because you have given away the relevent powers already. And you, Davis, can stand there, posturing, all that you want; there is fuck all that you can do about this or a million other things that govern our lives, because you don't. Govern, that is.

Now, listen to me, OK? (And you can pass this on to that bald traitor, Hague, too.) I am going to speak very clearly to you.

If you want to remain in the EU then you are going to be governed by the laws of the EU. Hague says that the Tories want to "bring law-making back into this country"; this cannot happen. How much fucking clearer can I possibly make this?

Look, if you are in the EU then you must be resigned to the fact that the EU enjoys being the centre of power in Europe and has absolutely no interest in repatriating powers to countries that get a wee bit antsy.

Now, either you can't see that in which case you are a fuckwit, unfit to wield what little power we have left, or you do see that and you are lying to us, in which case you are unfit to govern.

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Roger Thornhill said...

DK, this fence-sitting has got to stop.

Absolutely spot on. This posturing by the Tory party is like their immigration strategy - highly disingenuous as it gives the impression of toughness and control while papering over the chasms. A hoodwink.

On the back of this we are seeing "the establishment" building a world for themselves exempt from the rules that apply to others. What better way to make the selfish, vain and greedy scramble scratch and bite their way into the political elite...and so we get the very worst kind of people therein. We have little else there as it is. We will have more nails than coffin soon at this rate.

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