Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dizzy about climate change

A double whammy from Dizzy Thinks now. Firstly, news on yet another government web failure.
The Lib Dem MP, Martin Horwood appears to be rather concerned about the impact on public knowledge on closing the Climate Challenge website down.

What will the impact on environmental awareness be? Clearly bugger all. The Climate Challenge website managed to attract a whopping 6,383 hits, and we have no idea how many of those were the web desigenr and people from DEFRA.

The site, according to its header information, was set up in "2006-05-01", which I assume means 1st May 2006; so in nearly 10 months, the site has had roughly 6,500 hits which works out at roughly 650 hits a month. To put that in perspective, The Kitchen has had nearly 30,000 hits so far this month (and I block my IP address so it doesn't register my visits).

Individual visitors is another matter: The Kitchen has so far registered just over 27,000 individual visitors this month. This correlates pretty well with the hit rate, because people tend to load only the one page, i.e. the front page (and this is partly because I include so many posts on the front page. If I wanted to boost my hit rate, I could display only a single post on the front page; people would thus be forced to load another page for each post that they wanted to read).

On a site such as Climate Challenge, each new page will almost certainly register as a hit. So, if you visit and hop through four pages, that will register as four hits; but it is only one visitor! When you consider this fact, the figures look even less impressive.

Another government triumph, I think you'll agree!

Next up, Dizzy has discovered that Batshit has a YouTube profile, and look what's on it! Is that our darling DEFRA Minister? Yes, I think it is!

Note that David repeats, yet again, that old lie that our effect on climate change is "unambiguous". I have taken this assertion apart before, at length, as well as posting a comment on his crappy attempt at a blog.

Batshit is obviously of the opinion that if you keep on repeating a lie, eventually it will become true. Sorry, Davey, a lie is a lie however many times you tell it.

Mind you, you can see why he's such a fan of Toni, eh?


LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

Damm that'll be 6,388 now, I went and had a nosy as well, but looked for the leave comments etc.... bugger!!!

Anonymous said...

In psychological terms, the constant repetition of a false statement will eventually lead to the originator believing it himself: ergo the twat Milliband does not believe in the myth of 'global warming' but is trying to persuade himself otherwise ?
Or am I naive and he is a total prick ?

Anonymous said...

Most stats packages register a hit for every file served up. So a page with six images on it will register seven hits.

Anonymous said...

I'd never heard of that "climate challenge" site. I thought that you meant this one, which will be right up your alley:

"A game where you are president of the European Nations. You must tackle climate change and stay popular enough with the voters to remain in office"

...or, perhaps not.

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