Friday, February 16, 2007

David Davis answers your questions. Sort of...

There's some wonderful hilarity over at ConservativeHome as David Davis answers some questions put by ordinary readers. Here's a few choice quotes that neatly reinforce not only how mendacious politicians are, but also how stupid they think that you are.
NigelC: At the last election the Conservatives lost some seats by a handful of votes taken by UKIP, Veritas and BNP candidates when far left candidates stood aside to allow the Labour candidate a free run. Any thoughts on an election strategy to deal with this?
You can never appease fringe parties. Whatever they are offered, they always want more.

Well, yes. Whatever you want to think, UKIP are a fully-fledged party with a full manifesto. Given that your manifesto does not even begin to coincide with that of UKIP's, of course we want more. We want to fuck both you and NuLabour until your rectums prolapse.
What we have to do is demonstrate to voters that any vote against the Conservative Party is a vote to keep a discredited Labour government in power.

"Vote for the Lib Dems, get the Tories by the back door" was one of NuLabour's calls last time: nice to see the Tories learning from Chuckles. I don't agree with the Tory party, I just happen to dislike them marginally less than NuLabour. Unfortunately, that margin is not large enough for me to vote against my principles—and totally against my main one on the EU—in order to help you bastards into power.
The Conservatives are the only Party to commit themselves to fighting a European Constitution and prevent further powers draining away to Brussels.

Really? That'll be the Conservatives that signed us up in 1972 and lied about the EEC being merely a free trade association, would it?

That'll be the Conservatives that signed us up, without a referendum, to the EU in the form of 1992's Maastricht Treaty, would it?

That'll be the Conservatives that signed us up to the ERM and were determined, until Black Wednesday, to take us into the Euro without a referendum, would it?

That'll be the Conservative Party who have consistently told us that they are Eurosceptic whilst signing us up (or attempting to) to every EU initiative going, would it?

Why should we believe a single word that you say, you stinking, lying bastard from a party of stinking, lying bastards?
People in marginal constituencies who are considering voting UKIP should pause before they do so, for by doing that they will be increasing the chances of re-electing a Labour government which would sign up to a European Constitution and eventually join the euro.

What, Gordon relinquish his hold on our money system? I don't fucking think so; there are few reasons to like the Gobblin' King but this is an instance when I am glad that he is such a grasping, greedy control freak. But, yes, Blair will almost certainly sign the Constitution or, rather, a mini-Constitution which will allow him to weasel out of his refendum promise. But then, I think that you cunts would as well: on your past record, in fact, that is precisely what you would do.

And then you'd tell us that you were still EUsceptic.
RodS: Other than for presentational reasons - How can you logically leave asylum seekers (genuine or non genuine) and EU citizens out of the equation when considering immigration numbers?
Who says we have? Damian Green and I published a pamphlet before Christmas setting out the benefits and costs of economic migration. Different considerations apply to asylum seekers – but of course they must be counted. The government sold the pass on EU immigration and I am afraid there is nothing we can do about that. We warned them of the consequences of their actions but they failed to heed our warnings.

Er, no, David; the Conservatives "sold the pass on EU immigration" by signing us up in the first place. Even had the government imposed a cap on the numbers being able to work (as some other EU countries have done and as Reid has done with Bulgaria and Romania), we cannot stop EU citizens coming here. If we were to limit work permits, we would simply have an explosion in the size of the black and grey markets.

But that's to ignore the main question: your lot sold us out, David, and you can carry on denying it but that denial will continue being a lie.
Matt Wright: I share your concerns about ID cards but how should we best counter Labour's claim that because we don't support ID cards we can't manage immigration?
Our immigration system is out of control not because we don’t have ID cards, but because we can’t manage our borders.

And that's because... Go on, say it... Go on, say it's because the Tories sold Britain to the EU! Go on!
If Labour had taken up our policy of introducing a border police force things might have improved. To blame our chaotic immigration system on a lack of ID cards may be convenient for Labour spin doctors but it is far from the reality.

Oh, no. Never mind.
Sour grapes: Do you, Liam Fox and other real Tories stand up for real conservatism in the shadow cabinet?
We are all real Tories and real Conservatives.

Really? So your centre ground pose is, in fact, a cynical and hypocritical ploy simply to get people to vote for you, is it? You are lying about your policies simply to gain power. Thank you for clearing that up.
Don’t fall for cheap media stunts.

You said it, David.


Anonymous said...

I see somebody has rattled your cage today, I still want out of the EU,and I am not concerned which party does it ,I never forgiven Labour ,for their yes yes referendum ,and Maastricht I will never vote forthe cons because some MP said we had to vote for it because the the Germans were getting back together as one nation and if we didn't we might end up in a war with them ,no bastard papers picked it up from the tv.

Anonymous said...

How did Goldsmith manage to get Blair and Major to promise a referendum on the euro, whichever of them was elected in 1997? (It's so long ago I've forgotten.) He's responsible, in my humble book, for the greatest domestic political achievement of the last decade and a half.

Now, why can't the two main parties be made to promise a referendum on continued EU membership after the next general election?

Prodicus said...


Because they would get an overhelming smack in the mouth from an electorate of whom about 80 per cent want us out. And what on earth would they then do? Make us vote again until we got it right, in the great tradition of the EU? Or start exit negotiations which would be painful, bloody and very hard work, consuming all their energies for some years instead of passing nice little control freak laws in the usual fashion? How do you imagine facing those choices would feel? They would rather not, thank you. Status quo and moan at the appropriate moments - that's all we're going to get.

Prodicus said...

And another thing. Most of the (govt and opposition) front bench get to go on high-profile, red-carpet jollies with their internationalist EU friends, around Europe and to much warmer and more pleasant places. Fact-finding, y'know. Fraternal delgations. Tsk. What am I suggesting? That politicians enjoy life high on the Euro-hog and wouldn't want to renounce its benefits?

nsfl said...

So how did Jimmy Fishpaste get them to commit to something only slightly less appalling (for them)? Can the same method not be used?

Anonymous said...

It was also the Conservatives that signed the "Dublin Agreement" which has led to tens of thousands of bogus asylum seekers flooding through Dover. Prior to this they were mostly booted back to France. Now we have had to deploy UK immigration officers at enormous expense to work in Calais because the current bunch of tossers are too gutless to tell the French et al where to get off.

Anonymous said...

2/16/2007 05:33:00 PM
I did see a discussion somewhere that say's to get out of the EU ,all that has to be done is to repeal the accsession laws (can't spell) in parliment, me I would get somebody to go the the channel tunnel and shout f--k off through the portal.

Roger Thornhill said...

DD seems to have blown much of the cred' he got from bitch-slapping the IT industry over ID Cards.

Anonymous said...

The people giving DD credit for coming out (more or less) unequivocally against ID cards should realise that DD is keeping very quiet about the underlying all-purpose governmental database which he hasn't even whispered about and which is being constructed as we speak. DK puts his finger on DD's mendaciousness by, for instance, comprehensively rubbishing the Conservative claim to be "Eurosceptic".

Although Gordo et al are disgusting towers of smegma, the "not-the-opposition" isn't far behind in the hypocrisy stakes. The last (only?) "unequivocal" statement we have had from the leader of the "opposition" concerned withdrawal of the Conservatives from the EPP within "weeks not months" of him becoming leader. If Cameron and Davis ever get into power it would only take a little finger waggling in Brussels to the effect that all "citizens" of the EU have to have and carry ID cards (for their own protection, of course) for Davis to appear on TV (a la Millipede) saying that the "EU made us do it but, you know, it's for our own good".

Trixy said...

Someone called me the other day to ask about ID cards. He said the reason he was confused was because towards the end of Blunkett's reign as Home Secretary he has been interviewed about them and had said something along the lines of: "We don't need ID cards because there are other ways of doing this which will be going ahead anyway."

And I still don't quite know what he was talking about.

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