Tuesday, February 20, 2007

As Trixy has kindly pointed out, your humble Devil is currently having a love-in with a new Mac—well... three, actually, as he is busy sorting out his family's computer needs too.

However, I have written a reasonably extensive post, about the EU's announcement that it wants to rule the world, over at IndependenceHome.org (a twitch of the pointy tail to Nosemonkey for the link).

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Trixy said...

This mini treaty stuff really fucks me off. Are they really kidding people? Don't they realise that we have worked out that it does only take one line to write,

'removal of veto on justice and home affairs'

regardless of you bunch of arses holding your dinner on Wimmins day and lying to us all.

How am I going to manage to go there and not take the cockroaches with me?

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