Monday, February 05, 2007

Abolishing Death Tax

The Express claims that its campaign to abolish Death Tax is immensely popular: the petition is showing 20,245 signatures at time of writing.
THOUSANDS of Daily Express readers are joining our vital crusade to abolish the hated inheritance tax.

Within just a few days, our internet petition demanding the end of the despised death duty has become one of the fastest growing ever on the Downing Street website.

Thousands of people have logged on to register their views and reveal their anger at how Gordon Brown has sat back and allowed the tax to trap a growing number of ordinary families.

The names are pouring in and we expect many thousands more to sign up in the coming days as the crusade gathers pace.

I know I'm being rather partisan at the moment, but can I just point out that there is one party which has pledged to abolish death tax...


Mr Eugenides said...

Googlebombs have been made tougher, apparently, but we should try to get the new coinage for IHT adopted as standard: "death tax".

If the cunts are going to tax us for dying, at least let's not allow them to misuse language.

Man in a Shed said...

And I thought it was living that got us taxed !

Martin said...


As a potential UKIP member, I'm glad to see they've pledged to get rid of it.

Even the names 'death tax' and 'inheritance tax ' are incorrect. It should be called the husbandry tax, because its payable by dead peoples' estates for no reason other than that they took care of their belongings when they were alive.

Anonymous said...

The money gets taxed when you're alive, then again, when you die, if it works like ours does. Good luck with that. We've been trying to get rid of ours for years.

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