Friday, January 12, 2007

UKIP fine and not facing fine

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last few days; your humble Devil has had very intermittant 'net access; I shall get sorted out very soon.

A few days ago, Master Dale speculated that UKIP might well be facing a fine.
The deadline for submitting audited accounts was 7 July 2006. UKIP failed to meet it and were given an extension.

According to the West Brom Blog "As of Friday 5th January 2007 the accounts have not been published to the Electoral Commission. Failure to submit accounts within 1 year can result in a £5,000 fine and is a criminal offence under UK electoral law (Political Parties Elections & Referendums Act 2000)"."

If this is true, we might well ask when UKIP do intend to submit accounts and what deadline have they been given by the Electoral Commission. Anyone care to enlighten us?

Having talked to a number of sources in the party, I can confirm that UKIP are definitely not facing a fine. The party has undergone some restructuring over the past year and has elected a new Treasurer and new accountants (amongst other things).

A high-up UKIP source informs me that the accounts will be submitted by the 22nd of this month; the Electoral Commission are aware of this and are happy that this deadline is met.

Whilst the accounts are, of course, technically, late, I am sure that, with an economist of Tim Congdon's stature on UKIP's side, everything will be hunky-dory next time...


Kit said...

I think you have just annoyed every economist and accountant in the country. I don't know which profession should feel the most insulted by you confusing the two.

mr null said...

Not enough swearing.

Anonymous said...

Just recently,some friends and I were going through some collective nouns.

A dull of accountants

and a crisis of lawyers

Ken said...

So, when the EU doesn't get its accounts approved on time, you don't see there being a problem with that, then?

Elaib said...

It's not quite like with like is it?
Eu vast bureacracy with massive budget fuded bytghe taxpayerfails to have is accounts passed by the auditors for 11 odd years, on one hand. On the other a small (16-17,000) volunteer run organisaion makes a screw up that is accepted by the authorities that are no way its friends.

That being said, yes there is a touch of irony.

Tom Tyler said...

I'd be interested to hear a full explanation by UKIP as to WHY the accounts were so late, as I cannot see why it should be such an immense problem for a relatively small party such as UKIP to file its accounts on time.
I know that most people couldn't give a rat's arse about accounts, it's neither here nor there. But I do think it should be of the utmost importance for UKIP to appear "above board" and beyond the whiff of scandal, if they want us to trust them. Getting your accounts in on time is not rocket science. Even if your record keeping is a complete mess, you just pass it on to the accountants, we know how to make sense of it all, and how to meet the deadlines.
So what happened? Did UKIP have software problems, or lose essential backups? Because as an accountant, this smells to me, it rings warning bells that UKIP wanted to fiddle around with the records, perhaps to hide something. I would be so pissed off to think that UKIP is no better than Lab/Con when it comes to reporting its finances. I want to believe that UKIP is above the corruption of the major parties. I'll be going over their accounts with a fine toothcomb, once published, and if anything about them seems odd, I'll spot it. I hope I don't have any pertinent questions to flag up.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I don't know the full story, but I believe that the following factors were part of the problem.

a) unspecified fuck ups by the previous administration
b) the election of a new Treasurer
c) the appointment of new accountants
d) the independent audit of the Ashford Call Centre accounts.

I can try to find out more, but I'm not terribly interested in doing so; as long as this year's accounts are sorted out in time...


Anonymous said...

The original story broke on the BNP website.

UKIP@HOME said...

I see the shit has hit the fan big time DK.

UKIP fine and not facing fine?

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...