Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A tragedy: Polly breathes a sigh of relief

An absolute tragedy has happened: Factchecking Pollyanna is closing its doors.
After eight enjoyable months, I'm going to mothball this blog. This is not because Polly Toynbee has suddenly started using real facts that she undertsands -- on the contrary, her sloppiness and inaccuracy continue unabated.

No, rather it is because I want to do other things more than I want to do this.

This blog -- my first serious effort at concerted blogging -- was an experiment that was successful in many ways but also limiting in others. I'd quite like to write about a broader range of topics than Polly's columns, and would also like to express opinions. That won't work on this blog, which is after all about Polly Toynbee's misuse of facts. So, in order to give myself the time to do this, I'm going to stop posting here, and will write elsewhere under a different guise.

This is a minor disaster: over the last eight months, FP has been an invaluable resource—confirming our suspicions about Polly's glib statistics—for those of us that take a gleeful delight in kicking that awful, statist harridan.

So vale, FP; thanks for the hard work and do, please, let us know your new persona once you have started up again.

In the meantime, why not check out FP's Top 10 Favourite Polly Lies Statistical Mistakes...?


The 'Twenty-Something' said...


Apolgies first as my email a/c isn't working, so this is the next best way to contact you.

Miss H hear with a query for her new company, UK Law Community Ltd.

Essentially, I'm busy establishing the UK first online interactive student e-mag for law students and need to assemble a design team to create the e-mag and webiste.

Please email if you can offer any assistance with graphic design.


Miss H

Rigger Mortice said...

O/T who will keep tabs on Polly now?She has an amazing ability to turn mistruths into truths.She must be watched.

Credit to FP,with the amount of fuck ups she makes,it was a big job

Credit to him

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