Monday, January 29, 2007

State funding and 18DS

18 Doughty Street have a few ideas for an ad campaign against the state funding of political parties. They'd like you to vote for your favourite. In the comments, a number of people have put forward some novel ideas; however, I thought that I would share mine with you: it's really simple.
[Scene: a man wearing a sign reading "Taxpayer" is bent over a table. Another man has a sign saying, "Politicians". He rips down the Taxpayer's trousers, unbuttons his own and then fucks the Taxpayer roughly up the arsehole. We see the blood dripping onto the floor and hear the Taxpayer's screams of pain as well as the Politicians' grunts of satisfaction.

Caption: "State funding of political parties: it's like being anally raped without lube by a man with a 12" cock.

Don't let the politicians fuck you: tell them to go fuck themselves."

Do you think it'll catch on?

UPDATE: Elaib has reminded me that the clearest advert against state funding would run something like this:
"Don't like state funding of political parties? Vote UKIP: the only party absolutely opposed to allowing these fuckers to extort money from us in order to run their cliques."

That's pretty simple, I think.

While we are about it, can I just say that the new 18DS website is not great? It looks much better though, but I do think that there should be a much clearer signpost to the archives. Not that it helps, since I can't watch the archives; quite simply, nothing loads. Time to get onto their tech department, I think...

In other news, your humble Devil is back on 18DS on Monday night from 10pm 9pm until midnight. Do tune in...


Elaib said...

You could point out that one national political party is absolutely opposed to taxpayer funding of poliutical parties.

Just trying to remember which one...

Oh yes its those guys over at UKIP again.

Ahead of the curve

james higham said...

You could point out that pollies should be better dressed.

Tom Paine said...

Your experience with the new 18DS website is exactly the same as mine. I suspect we have Macs in common. I am missing being able to watch it here in Moscow. Please put a word in when you are there.

Elaib said...


Anybody else noticed how often the rather plain Mr Dale has invitedthe incorrigably dashing and debonaire MrKitchen onto his televised soiree?
Methinks he has a crush on you Devil, me old mucker

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