Monday, January 08, 2007

Ruth Kelly is a lying shitbag from hell

I fucking hate that lying old fag cow, Ruth Kelly. How fucking dare she, the whore fuck cunt bag?

How fucking dare she? How the fuck can she sit there and send her child to a private Specialist school when her fucking government has been closing down this option—and especially as regards specialist schools—for the last ten years? What the fucking hell does she think that she is playing at?

And the cocking BBC is playing the card that she is "acting as a mother not a minister". What? What the fucking fuck? What the fucking hell is this shit?

We might well ask the very fucking pertinent question: "why the fuck should she be able to act as a mother when her government has spent the last ten years preventing anyone else from doing so."

You lying fuck, Kelly; I hope that you and your entire family are slowly killed by something really nasty. Ruth herself I would have shot in both kneecaps (outsourced to the IRA) and then fucked to death by an army of amputee migets. God, I hate that lony, religious, fuckbastard bitch.

"But had I kend, Tam Lin," she says,
"What now this night I see,
I wad hae taen out thy twa grey e'en,
And put in twa een o tree."

Or, to put it plainly,
"If I had known last night, Tam Lin, what you have done today, I would hae torn out your two grey eyes and put in wooden ones. If I had known your treachery today before, I would hae torn out your ain heart and put in one of stone."

Basically, I want to rip out her eyes and replace them with two knots of wood, and tear out her heart and replace it with a scummy stone.

I hate you, Ruth Kelly, you hypocritical piece of shit: fucking die, you bitch...

UPDATE: some people in the comments think that I am wrong to loathe Kelly, if only because she has used her own money to send her child to a Specialist private school. So let me amplify my issue in a slightly less apoplectic manner.

Ruth Kelly (especially in her role as a former Education minister) has, with the rest of her NuLabour cronies, spent considerable time and money closing down assisted places and closing down Specialist schools. As such, she has spent her time denying other people the choices that she has suddenly decided that she wants for her own children.

Whilst Kelly has, indeed, spent her own money putting her child into a Specialist school (and I don't accept the argument that it is our money because we pay her: should we be able to control what doctors and teachers do with their salaries?) and she has made the choice that, I am sure, all parents would make for their child.

However, she and her awful cunt cronies have spent the last few years closing down the option of Specialist teaching for other parents who would like to make the same decision.This is disgusting, filthy hypocrisy of the very worst kind. So fuck her and fuck her sodding family.


Cleanthes said...

DK old chum,

I beg to differ. She is using HER OWN money to pay for it. That's fine by me. She is taking a child out of state provision and reducing the burden on the state. That is a good thing.

If she WERE using our cash to do so, then I would be right up there with you in disembowelling her in public, but she is not.

Besides, it's great to see that, when push comes to shove, Labour does not cut it - your duty as a parent does and should override that of the state.

Kelly has done the right thing for the right reasons. It is notable that that is why she is not welcome in the Labour party...

Chairwoman of the bored said...

I gather you're not pleased.

mbe said...

Who pays her wages? And her expenses? She is a representative for a party that has reduced choice for everyone else. That's what so fucked up about it.

I'd call it irony not hypocrisy, as the issue merely reiterates how much Labour have fucked up.

She should tighten that garter, hopefully it'll cut off the blood supply completely.

slightly disappointed this time said...


i don't, won't, and shall never vote for NuLab ever, but as a father of a child with a really serious Special Needs Statement, (residential care from age 5 and so on - could bore you all night), I would never condemn any individual of any kind, even Ruth Kelly , for doing the best they can for their kids when faced with this sort of dilemma...I do hope that you never ever land up where I've been, to see what it takes to get to that position.

Yes, there's a degree of inconsistency in apparantly 'letting off' one of the miscreants who perpetrated the current nonsensical policies on us. But none of us is ever perfect or beyond redemption. Our world's change. So do we. Here, we can only hope that she has now learnt about a few of the things that some of the rest of us have suffered for years - and can maybe exert some influence for something a bit more sensible to be done (well, i'd like to hope that - I can't really see it, but we all get surprised sometimes...)

By all means, though, feel free to have a go at the real villains in this, the rest of the cretinous Labour mob who would ask her to sacrifice her child for the sake of the purity of their political dogma. People like that are execrable

Shame I have to disagree here really, as otherwise you are normally spot on with the rest of your keep the burners turned up high and roast them as necessary....

Rigger Mortice said...

'She is using HER OWN money to pay for it'

depends on your definition of her own money.SHe'spaid by the taxpayers and would not be able to earn that sort of cash ourside.Thats what pisses me off.

it's an option cos they've voted themselves somem cracking pay rises but thats a whole different issue

Anonymous said...

Stupid Catholic twat I say. So this "woman" (the jury's out on that one I'm afraid) has put her child in private education. Whether she or you and I paid for this is beside the point. It merely confirms that the state provision for those who need this type of education is not good enough.
She is now using private provision which goes against traditional labour party doctrine so why not join the Tories luv? She is one fucked up woman I think. I mean to have membership of opus dei says it all really so why are we suprised by her antics. She is just one in a long line of labour politians who have preached us to use the state for important things we need such as health and education and then does the complete opposite.
I despair sometimes I really do.

Anonymous said...

I sense, vaguely, that you are unhappy with this good lady ;)

All joking apart, though, the hypocrisy of this whole series of events is striking. It's what 'socialists' do, so there is no excuse for any surprise - 'do what I say, not what I do'.

Tim Newman said...

Not wanting to run to her defence or anything, but I am pretty sure she doesn't send her kids to private school, unless something has changed recently. I know this because she is my Dad's neighbour, they attend the same church, and her kids go to the same school as my kid brother and sister (which is a Catholic school, but not a private school).

Trixy said...

Tim - I think something has changed....

That old hag Jaqui twat fact (whip) was on the tv last night talking about how all mothers could make the same choices as Kelly has and use the private sector. Funny, I thought it was one of the first actions of the Labour government, to take away the assisted places scheme.

Kelly is a lying, hypocritical pissflap. Her government has failed, she has failed (was it not her job previously?) and now she's using tax payers money to limit the impact her and her cronies failures will have on her child.

Tim Newman said...

Browsing the internet a bit, I think something might have changed. My Dad's kids' school only covers infants and juniors I think, so maybe her little brat has moved onto secondary school age. I have to say, I'm a little cut off from the rest of the world on this 'ere island, and I tend to lose track over UK affairs these days.

Bishop Hill said...

This is absolutely right. I'm appalled at all the commentators who are saying it's OK because she's doing the right thing as a mother. She and her socialist colleagues have made damn sure that only the very rich like themselves are in a position to do the right thing for their children.

Bishop Hill said...

Another thought. What's the betting that her other kids are sent off to the same school at some point in the future "in order to keep the family together"?

Rigger Mortice said...

'(and I don't accept the argument that it is our money because we pay her: should we be able to control what doctors and teachers do with their salaries?) '

she is not a govt worker over whom you are right,we should have no say how they spend their money.

she is elected and therefore how she spends her cash is our business to a degree

similarly,if she were using her inflated salary to pay for private healthcare,it think the voters should know!

wonkotsane said...

Two whole paragraphs without a swearword, you're slipping.

Anonymous said...


Speaking as a (hopefully only temporarily) semi-disabled adult, the kind of behaviour Ruth Kelly has exhibited is nauseating.

It is so profoundly bloody bossy, so bloody managerial, so bloody elitist and above all else so bloody upper middle class.

It is a different form of the kind of the feminist authoritarianism that demands that the mothers of ill-disciplined mewling brats receive the right to tit feed them in church - O this is Jasper/Poppy/Jocasta/Zac/Che, they are MY CHILD and because they are MY CHILD everyone else must defer to MY CHILD and no matter what else I say or do or demand of others MY CHILD comes first in my life and I demand that MY CHILD come first in YOUR LIFE too.

For goodness' sake, was maternity only invented in 1968? How did their grannies ever get by without them?

Mind you, Sister Ruth of the Community Grants is only following in the family tradition, she herself being an old girl of Westminster School.

Anonymous said...

This is such typical behaviour for Labour MPs it's become a cliche. Even now there's probably some overpaid think tank trying to redefine the word hypocrisy. It's Orwellian through and through: "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." And this lot certain is a herd of swine.

Umbongo said...


I assume the reason you didn't comment on the fact that a principal defender of Ms Kelly from accusations of hypocrisy is none other than the leader of the "opposition" [1] is because your system would not have been able to contain the consequent steep rise in blood pressure.

Cameron is giving a new meaning to the time-honoured phrase "the loyal opposition". Perhaps he should be informed that the "loyalty" implied is either personally to HMTQ or to the "Crown in Parliament", not the government of the day.

[1] Conservative leader David Cameron, whose son attends a state special needs school, said: "We all have to make the decisions as parents first, not as politicians. Ruth Kelly is a parent first and foremost." as quoted here

nsfl said...

I totally agree. Except for "Ruth herself I would have shot in both kneecaps (outsourced to the IRA)". For reasons that will make you hate her more - or may merely have been in your subconscious all along - that noble organisation would refuse the commission on grounds of conflict of interest. (Or was that your point?)

Antipholus Papps said...

It's her face I can't stand. I won't look beyond it for further transgressions of human decency. Off with her face! I'd like to see her looking so fucking smug without a face. Cunt.

Anonymous said...

You need to grow up.

rightwingprof said...

You mean only one bureaucrat over there does this and you people are up in arms about it? My God, all the pro-public schools liberal politicians here send their kids to private schools. Old news in the US.

Anonymous said...

She always reminds me of Shrek.

mister scruff said...

i've always found it very very weird that a member of Opus Dei , and a family background in Irish republicanism , could end up being a British government minister.

A lack of principles comes to mind. Leaving aside the fact that her grandfather was a member of the old IRA in the 1920s, being a devout Catholic minister in country that enshrines Protestantism in law (the succession to the throne... no catholics allowed), is just plain odd. Lapsed Catholic,veering on being agnostic - yeah , i could understand that (hence you have many Catholic MPs in parliament)

But we're talking about Opus fucking Dei here - the Pope's stormtroopers.... all very very odd. and weird.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...