Sunday, January 14, 2007

Police intrusion

Now, I think that it's wonderful that the fuzz are letting the local Neighbourhood Watch operate out of the police station, but this is fucking outrageous.
A Neighbourhood Watch Association faces being evicted from the police station where it operates unless its members reveal their sexuality and how much money they owe.

The Canterbury and District Neighbourhood Watch chairman Graham Jackson says his 10-strong team, which operates from Herne Bay police station, have been told they will be barred from the police station on January 20 unless they sign six “highly personal” forms.

Mr Jackson, 53, said his team – which send out 50,000 crime alerts to more than 70,000 Neighbourhood Watch members each year – will be evicted from their office, effectively shutting down the service.

Mr Jackson said: “Why should volunteers be asked about their sexual orientation or ethnicity or tell police how much money they owe?”

The six different forms include questions about volunteers’ income, savings, loans, monthly outgoings, investments and credit agreements.

They also demand to know the sexuality, ethnicity and health record of each volunteer.

Mr Jackson has refused along with five other volunteers.

I'm sorry, Mr Policeman, but what fucking business is it of yours? Fuck off.


Tom Paine said...

There is no hope of backing the British State off in its quest for personal data. A friend of mine was recently told he would not be admitted for a serious operation if he continued to refuse (on principle) to complete the sections of the admission form which dealt with his ethnicity etc.

In the end he inappropriately ticked all the "Asian" boxes and the clerk accepted and processed the form. He had no choice, since the Government's ludicrous guidelines say that you are whatever race you think you are and that no-one can challenge your view.

They want to be Stalin and Beria, but they are just too stupid, weak and incompetent. These guys should fill the police forms in with random data. It will be accepted and screw the system up far more than principled refusal.

I was brought up to be an honest man but have now resolved never to give a truthful answer to anyone paid by the taxpayer. We are the nation of Shakespeare and Dickens, so let's fill all their stupid databases with creative fiction. It's a minor form of civil disobedience and was widely practised in the former Communist countries.

JuliaM said...

In every form that I've ever been asked to complete that had anything like this kind of information (including for work purposes) it's always been made clear that the information is voluntary. So I've always ignored it, with no harmful consequences whatsoever.

So I suggest this group does the same, and tells the police authority where to get off...

AntiCitizenOne said...

remember that these forms were created by marxists.

Remember that marxists think that gender is a choice.

Remember that race is not a scientific concept.

Put whatever you think will stop you being discriminated by the state.

Anonymous said...

What a fucked up country, more tax please.

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...