Saturday, January 06, 2007

How Green Was My Plankton

Yo Spam!
Are you serious about cleaning up Old Momma Earth?
Do you really want to stop her turning into the ecological equivalent of an emphysemic Glaswegian, and have the skies full of birds and the seas full of fish? At little or absolutely no cost whatsoever? Enabling us all to get on with our lives, and putting the tedious, dull, boring 'global warming' debate to bed (and George Monbiot out of business) once and for all?
Then start studying the effect of spreading iron into the oceans.
It's all to do with the plankton, y'see; a life form as intellectually advanced (and as highly evolved) as many Greens.
Hat tip Dennis Mangan, Sage of Santa Rosa.


Kit said...

Oi! Plankton hands off my CO2. I need it for my tomatoes.
Before trying to fix global warming can we wait until we know we have a problem. Raised levels of CO2 in the atmosphere may be good.

Anonymous said...

we sea angling types know that wrecks act as a seed for rapid marine growth and eventual fish populations. Ships are made of iron,the number of wrecks could be easily increased by attention to the EU flotillas overfishing our waters, and should be done before all of our gunboats are mothballed. Nigel Farage is a sea angler, can you ask him to put this on his "to do list" please ?

Haddock BDA

Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

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