Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Devil of a move

For those who are interested, your humble Devil is now permanently in the Big Smoke and will thus (since he is not a native Scotsman) shortly be removing all of his Scottish banners, affiliations, etc. Thanks to all of those chaps who have supported me as an adoptive Scot for the last decade.

Your humble Devil will shortly be ensconced in a new and, believe it or not, rather lovely single-bedroom pad in Brixton (apparently rather hip these days and, importantly, less than ruinous financially, hem-hem) which is equipped with a rather bijou little balcony and a landlord who is relaxed about my concerted and continuing efforts at imitating a chimney.

Broadband is being sorted out, but it is possible that posting might be somewhat irregular for a few days following the move on Sunday.

Otherwise, things seem to be going reasonably well: I just need to find myself some gainful employment...


Anonymous said...

Best of luck DK, hope it all goes well.

I'm sure brixton will give you plenty to blog about :-P


aj said...

Brixton - hmmm - are you experimenting in anarchy or did you believe the Guardian when they described it as an 'up and coming' area?

Anonymous said...

but are you employable?


'Ere, listen, when you link at Technorati it doesn't go through to your site. Must be your temporary move.

David B said...

DK, if you're throwing out everything Scottish, can I have your old kilt please? Oh, and could you also find me a job too? Thanks. :)

Mr Eugenides said...

Aye, back to England and stay there, Sassenach.

Mr E

P.S. Oh, and I love the Google ads that came up beneath your post:

Ads by Google

Unclaimed Tax
Government Tax Forms
Dance with the Devil
Sympathy for the Devil

Anonymous said...

Good luck.

What happened to the post on the UKIP website?

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding a job.

Brixton wouldn't be high up my list of places to live but your flat does sound nice! Being close to the Academy is always a bonus.

Anonymous said...

good luck with the move. I'm bloody glad I'm not your estate agent, solicitor or removal man so thanks for giving me that positive and grateful thought to start 2007 and happy new year DK

The Moai said...

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Livingstan.

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