Thursday, January 18, 2007

Between a gossip and a bore

There has been something of a spat in our Fifth Estate, between Bloggerheads and Guido. Or, rather, Manic has written a long, sententious article excoriating Guido for being a plonker, or something. I was unsure if I should weigh in on this particular blogwar, but it seems that I don't need to: Nosemonkey has pretty much summed up my opinion with far more eloquence and considerably less swearing than I would.

My personal opinion of Manic is not high: I find him boring and rather sanctimonious. I know that Manic has a low opinion of your humble Devil, because we had our own little bout of online fisticuffs some time ago. I haven't bothered reading him since (not that I did very much previously. On the grounds that he's a bore). Although I do support his campaign to get Private Eye to put its "serious" bits online.

Guido I find relatively entertaining but, frankly, a little too obscure; I am not part of the Westminster Village and I find much of his output rather too oblique. I tend to pop in occasionally but, if one really doesn't know to whom Guido is referring when he drops his hints, the entertainment is, necessarily, limited.

So, who do I support? Well... No, sorry, I simply cannot summon up the interest to go for either frankly. Guido will continue to write his gossip, and Manic will continue to campaign earnestly in Parliament Square and I wouldn't have thought that either of them could give a two shits what your humble Devil might think in any case.

I'll stick to reading my assorted favourites. You'll find 'em in the sidebar: why not have a scout around whilst I'm sunning myself in the disease-ridden plague-pit paradise that is India?

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Tim said...

I think the lack of passion you feel is amply displayed by the total lack of swear-words in this post... there's no need for any further detail.


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