Tuesday, January 30, 2007

18DS and socialist solecisms

Last night, your humble Devil popped up on 18DoughtyStreet; I particularly enjoyed the first hour, which featured Dizzy Thinks, Croydonian, Mars Hill and Recess Monkey and, of course, Iain. Paul Burgin of Mars Hill alludes to some of the things that I said and I thought that I would clarify them (especially if, like me, you cannot actually watch the archives for reasons yet unknown).
But it is interesting, esp when Devil's Kitchen starts going on about Global Warming and racism and socialism. With hindsight I would have handled that slightly differently, but his comments are a good reminder of why UKIP are seen as a little bit way out there.

What I voiced on the first of these subjects, Global Warming, was hardly contentious; I maintained that what Batshit and others spout is a load of fucking horseshit and the world is not going to disappear in a ball of flame if I don't turn my DVD player off. I have written endlessly about this: should Paul—who reacted like a Muslim being told that Mohammed was a paedo—be reading this, he might like to have a look at posts on the topic of why carbon emissions (especially those emitted by humans) are almost totally fucking irrelevent, the reasons why the language employed by scientists is far from dispassionate (and evidence of the application of this tactic from the 70s, when Global Cooling was going to kill us all), how the sun's cycle relates to all of this and what alternatives to fossil fuels are out there. Finally, let's finish with the World Climate Report which is rather less of a harbinger of doom than Stern's massively discredited piece of shit.

Sorry, Paul, but your belief that something is so, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, is like any other religion: a pile of stinking ignorance marinaded in a refusal to let go of your comfort blanket. Let is go, Paul; you'll feel much happier. Really.

My second was rather more contentious: I said that I believed that socialism was worse than racism. I still do, and here's why.

A racist is a stupid, ignorant bigot but at least he cannot, and will not, try to force me to believe what he believes and force me to pay for the implementations of his beliefs. Socialists do.

So, socialism is worse than racism. It might have been the insufferably smug Recess Monkey who blurted out that 6 million Jews might disagree with me; this was, of course, a fucking stupid thing to say since the Jews were murdered by National Socialists. Our left-wing pals were also wonderful on the subject of Mao Zedong, Uncle Joe Stalin and Pol Pot, trotting out the usual fucking filth about how Communism wasn't actually socialism (in which case, I'm Mickey Mouse).

As I have opined before, at length, socialism naturally lends itself to totalitarianism. When fisking Polly some time ago, I wrote the following:
Can you not see the stupity inherent in formulating policy that does not rely on people being quinessentially selfish, Pol? That was the basis of Communism, and it was why Communism failed: because people are selfish. This is why we have to force tax from people rather than relying on their good nature and asking them to donate it.

It is such a basic thing, Polly, really it is, that I am surprised that you have taken so many years to realise it. Far better to have a good idea of how individuals behave and then try to build a society around that, rather than attempt to force individuals to behave entirely altruistically when it is fundamentally against their nature to do so.

The point is that socialism relies on force, it's entire structure is predicated on forcing people to give up their possessions to support those whom they would not willingly support otherwise. What socialists do is to extort and steal from people in order to sustain and pay for the socialists' own beliefs. This is why socialism has led to so many nightmarish regimes and, incidentally, why socialism is far worse than racism. However, show me a racist socialist and I'll show you a monster (along the lines of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pot).

Now, I'm sorry if some of you consider these views as "a little bit way out there", but they seem perfectly clear to me. Indeed, neither Dizzy nor Croydonian seemed to actively disagree with anything that I said: they did seem to be interested in the lack of coherent response from the Lefties sitting between them though...


Little Black Sambo said...

DK I watched you on two successive programmes last night & much was made of how well behaved you would be. Some BAD behaviour would have been in order, given some of the things other people said. The impregnable faith of the lefties in socialism & human-generated global warming, & the untter twattishness of some Tory-boy thicko whose name I forget, both demanded some savagery. Ever word you managed to get in edgeways was RIGHT.

Pogo said...

It was interesting to see the almost Pavlovian response of the "lefties" when you mentioned the "R" word... Their minds just closed... It was as if they'd suddenly stopped using their intelligence and rationality in their desperate efforts to "explain" to you how there could be nothing worse than racism and completely discarding your other critical points concerning the BNP.

Croydonian said...

It was all rather entertaining, wasn't it?

Newmania said...

You are right about global warming and the bit I liked best was when you mentioned the inconvenient medieval warm period and the fool next to will siad wasn`t that Krakatoa..
The Krakatoa event was at the begginning of the 19th century and has been blamed for the cold spell in the that period .( think Dickensian snow) So he was only about 400 years off the mark....and ye sooooo sure!

I wrote about it recently if its of any interest. BTW I was mentiooned as "Mad". I tend to get right up dales nose for all sorts of reasons...yuk yuk.

You were pretty good but you smile like the Joker

On the climate I have some questions.....

Thoughts in a Garden was written by Andrew Marvell who dies in 1678.

What a wondrous life is this I lead
Ripe apples drop about my head
The luscious clusters of the vine
About my mouth do crush their wine
The nectarines and curious peach
Into my hands themselves do reach
Stumbling on melons as I pass
Ensnared with Flowers I fall on grass

Judging by the Loire valley conditions evidently prevailing it would appear the world has got a lot colder. Then the questions keep coming …

Why are air taxes set at such a level as to not to make any change in behaviour?
Why at the same time are airports allowed to keep growing so that by 2030 the number of passengers will have risen from £228,000,000 to £465,000,000

Why are other emissions ignored although there supposed to be a 2.7 times as great affect from them (International Governmental Panel on Climate Change)

Why do we continue to subsidise air travel then?

In 1421 why was a Chinese naval squadron able to sail around the North Pole and find no ice?

Why has the Antarctic been gaining ice consistently over the past 30 years ?

6000 bore holes world wide show that temperatures were higher in the middle ages than now ,
why is this problem absent from UN assessments ?

Why is the fact that the doomsday predictions of climatologists are often disproved ignored. For example James Hansen in 1988told the US Congress in 1988 that the sea would rise several feet by 2000. It rose one inch ?

Why are questions of scale so childishly misrepresented by scare mongers who openly refer to the weather as the “climate”?

Why did Al Gore emote about the snows leaving Kilimanjaro when he knows there has been no rise in temperature and it is entirely the result of deforestation and consequent dehydration ? He is absolutely aware of this ;even if you are not .

Why are the most conspicuous consumers always the most self righteous . Prince Charles bought his “staff” bikes?
(He has asked for a Greener fleet of vehicles but will retain his Bentley , a Jaguar and an Aston Martin)

Why would the government rather monitor every car from the sky and feed that information into combined data bases than increase fuel tax ?

Why do people refer to a consensus on “climate change” when there is no such thing ?

Why , when the UK is respnsible for 2% of emmissions do we bother with domestic policy ?

Anonymous said...

"Now, I'm sorry if some of you consider these views as "a little bit way out there", but they seem perfectly clear to me."

And to Hayek it would seem - although I haven't finished readu "Road to Serfdom" yet.

Thomas Gordon said...


A very nice article.

To my mind 'wealth redistribution' being proposed by the Fib Dems and ZaNuLab is as morally bankrupt as the 'wealth redistribution' carried out by Mugarbe.

The only difference is one is conducted by HMRC and the other the security forces


Oh yeah? So what has happened for the last ten years, exactly?

Over at the ASI, they are posting some of the winning entries of the Young Writers on Liberty. One does not want to put such keen minds off,...