Friday, December 22, 2006

Thank you to the commenter who pointed out that your humble Devil is featured, amongst others in our fine community, in The Times today!
But blogging, and political blogging in particular, gave an opportunity for the previously voiceless to add to the quality of the debate. To that end, the most foul-mouthed of bloggers, Devil's Kitchen, was always likely to provoke (sometimes disgust, but more often admiration).

Anyway, to all my readers and commenters: have a very merry fucking Christmas and a joyously sweary new year! I shall be spending a rather lovely time with the lovely Trixy and assorted friends. And surely, come the new year, fame and fortune beckon...?


Anonymous said...


Why don't you cancel the Grauniad and buy The Times instead?

You would be so much less stressed without exposure to Polly


Wyndham said...

All the best this Christmas, DK!

Anonymous said...

Are you shagging this "loverly" pink bird, DK? I think we should be told.

Mr Free Market said...

Good on yerrrrrrrr

Happy Christmas


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