Thursday, December 14, 2006

Take a bath, you cunts

Talking, as we were, of fucking ignorant bastards using the piss-awful science and dodgy economics to justify their desire to control us and make everyone's lives that little bit more miserable, via The Englishman, I find this piece of old shit.
Moves to tackle climate change may spell the end of the bath.

A London council is set to introduce planning rules encouraging builders to provide only a shower.

With all due respect, go fuck yourselves, you fucking eco-fascists. Go and look at the fucking science before you start forcing your lifestyle choices on us, you fucktards.
A person showering rather than bathing can save around 66 gallons of water a week and Thames Water recommends showers.

Oh, well, there's a fucking surprise! Thames Water recommends a course of action which would help to conceal their piss-awful record of providing people with the service that they pay for. Well, personally, I'm struck dumb with surprise.
Now Tory-run Barnet council is consulting residents on planning rules that would apply to house extensions and developments of less than 10 homes.

And there's another fucking surprise. The Tories being a bunch of green fascists. I wonder where they got that idea from?
If someone failed to check whether a bath could be left out it would be a "material consideration" in deciding whether to grant permission. Schemes that include a bath unnecessarily could be refused.

Look, you little fucks; piss off out of our lives, OK? You serve us: you don't fucking blackmail the people to abide by your bastard personal religion. You aren't allowed to do it with theistic religions, and you can't do it for your fucking "green" religion either. Fuck the fuck off, you cunts.

I really fucking hate the fucking Tories.


Anonymous said...

Schemes that include a bath unnecessarily..

Exactly what would constitute an unneccessary bath....?!

Martin said...


That's a good question.

I wonder if mosques are metered...all that ritual cleansing...

Anonymous said...

How stupid are these people?

If you take a long shower then it will use more water than a bath...for fucks sake!!!

So the next stage is to put automatic cut-off's on the showers.

You laugh now. Who will bet with me on this over 10 years though....

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