Friday, December 08, 2006

Still bored: Lebanon

I seem to have picked up on this story rather belatedly, but never mind, eh?
The leader of Hezbollah has vowed to continue mass protests calling for Lebanon's Western-backed government, led by Fouad Siniora, to resign.

Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah told supporters camped in central Beirut that Lebanon needed a new government, one free from foreign influence.

I can't help thinking that the leader of Hezbollah might be thinking that the really perfect person to run Beirut might be one Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah.
Speaking via video link, he said Hezbollah was open to negotiations, and would not fight fellow Lebanese.

The group, backed by Iran and Syria, withdrew from government last month.

Oh, no, he can't believe that then. Unless, of course, only the Western capitalist pig-dogs actually count as "foreign" whereas Mr Nasrullah and his backers, being of the Ummah, are not really foreigners at all.
Sheikh Nasrallah told the crowds to prepare for a mass demonstration on Sunday.

And he was sharply critical of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, who he accused of hampering Hezbollah's efforts during the 34-day conflict with Israel earlier this year.

"Didn't the prime minister of Lebanon work to cut off the supply lines?" Sheikh Nasrallah asked the crowds.

Well, good for him then. Siniora was obviously hoping that Israel would do the job of fulfilling UN Resolution 1559 and so avoid Mr Siniora having to risk his own troops. I bet he's really regretting that he didn't just invite Israel to go the whole hog...
He also accused unnamed representatives of Mr Siniora's government of colluding with Israel to help defeat Hezbollah, hoping the group would be severely weakened or destroyed.

Mr Siniora wanted to abolish Hezbollah's state-within-a-state and obviously realised that his tiny, ill-equipped army was in no position to do anything about it. Cue the Israelis.
"Those are the ones responsible for the war, not the resistance," Sheikh Nasrallah said.

Ah, yes. Of course. Hezbollah firing rockets into Israel nearly continuously for several months had stuff all to do with it, eh?

For fuck's sake...


Anonymous said...

Ya, btw its HIZBOLLAH who have the missles, the money, the power and the guts to kick jewish ppls asses like urs back into their own country (if it is their fukkin country u outwitted bitch). Iran n Syria just give Hizbollah the weapons u dumbass, they dnt tell them what to do like America is doin wid siniora, ddnt think about that tho did ya? N ya hassan nasrallah runnin da country dsnt seem like a bad idea considerin he represents the majority in Lebanon and has internal support (did ya hear dat bitch LEBANESE SUPPORT IN OTHA FUKKIN WORDS)yes sieniora did try and help israel finish resolution 1559 N UR RIGHT ABT DAT, 2 BAD ISRAEL GOT ITS SRY ASS KICKED. N sinioras government is responsible 4 da war, bcz it cant even fukkin defend itself it leaves da work 2 hizbollah. HAHA, kiss my fukkin ass. point is ill b surprised if n e 1 would listen 2 some pathetic fukk like u, runnin a political website but dnt know shit abt politics. 4 fukks sake....??? yeah 4 ur sake

Anonymous said...

I love people who accuse others of not "knowing shit" about politics, but in thier own comments cant construct a sentence, and fail to make any really relevant points.

I love this "kick jewish people's asses back into their own country" thing... what? Israel withdrew totally from lebanon following operation Litani in 83. that happened a LONG time before the latest barrage of rockets from Hizbollah that sparked off the recent conflict.

The Sheebah farms everyone keeps complaining about are part of Syria, not Lebanon, and were not the motivation for Hizbollah's totally unprovoked attack on israel, which left 1million israeli's in bomb shelters, and many civilian areas ruined. The real motivation was racism. Hizbollah is a racist organisation. In the words of nasrallah " i would encourage all the Jews to come to israel; it will make it easier to kill them"..... WTF??

i find it hard to believe that anyone can support Hizbollah, as they are a bunch of racist thugs... nothing more.

They are often upheld as "representing the majority in lebanon". If that is really the case, why don't they simply wait for the impending lebanese election and take power in a civilised democratic manner, rather than bullying their way into power at the expense of their citizens (at least then israel can defend itself without the legal loophole caused by the state withing a state situation)

Israel is the only liberal democracy in the middle east, and is without a doubt the most civilised country there, if you take a western viewpoint.

As a result i urge everyone who calls themself "free", "pro-democracy", "liberal" "moderate" or in favour of self determination, to support Israel absolutely and not listen to the nutter who posted before me....

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow slow it down my friends. Let me straighten the both you out on some facts because you both seem to be rambling excessively.
Firstly, Hezbollah (a political organization - yes that is armed - allied with the Christian Lebanese Forces) does not constitute the majority of Lebanon.
Secondly, the Shebaa Farms does belong to Lebanon. Syria has recently (FINALLY) acknowledged this fact.
Thirdly, Lebanon is by far the epitome of democracy in the Middle East. In Lebanon, it is the peoples word and that accounts for the many protests that have packed downtown Beirut solid.
Israel, on the other hand, oozes corruption. Olmert was not tried for his real estate scandal. Perez resigned but nobody took responsibility for the summer 06 War. On that topic in fact, it is quite cold of you my friend to only mention "the millions of Israelis evacuated to shelters" most of which were on the beach by the way. How about the over 1000 Lebanese CIVILIANS that lost their lives as a result of the war. How about the thousands of evacuees from all over the world that had to flee the country? Your arguments and ergo your entire blog are biased and full of illegitmate information.

BLAH ON YOUR BLOG my friend!

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