Friday, December 01, 2006

Political Opinions

A little while ago, I opined on a publishing dilemma.
Through my referrals, I have found yet another of these aggregator sites, this one entitled Political Opinions. I am on there and that is all well and good, but I do have a slight problem: all of my posts are published in full.

The webmaster left some (appreciated) comments on the post, pointing out that he had started the site as, essentially, a proof of concept and that he wasn't making money out of it. I decided to leave my RSS feeds as they were, i.e. full feeds.

Having started to see some referrals from the site, I decided to revisit Political Opinions. Without any action on my part, Grant has reduced my entries to partial feeds, and has added tag-cloud type things to each post.

Given how parochial I have become of late (ironically, I blame the fact that I am using an RSS aggregator and am thus less inclined to look around!), I think that Political Opinions is going to be a very useful site; I especially like the tag clouds and I also like the fact that bloggers are roughly colour-coded as to their political leanings.

Duly added to the Blogroll...

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