Friday, December 15, 2006

Our government: a bunch of cunts

Is it me, or is this government the most vicious, corrupt and morally bankrupt shower of shits in living history?

Ministers are pressing ahead with plans to limit the Freedom of Information Act

Right. And why are you doing that?

The government has said the changes could save £5m of taxpayers' money.

Oh, so the government are getting concerned about tax payers now, are they? Funny that, considering they've spent the last decade trying to get every possible fucking penny off us, even to the extent that if they tried to tax me on the coins down the back of my sofa, I would not be in the least bit fucking surprised.

The government currently only answers requests which cost less than £600 to research, but the new plans will include the staff costs.

Hold on a minute, don't we pay their wages in our taxes? Aren't they 'civil' servants? Surely if we want an answer to a question which will inform us how our government is functioning (and I use that in the loosest sense of the term)then that is a good way of spending public money? Much better than giving £873 a year for every man, woman and child to the EU, anyway.

Mind you, even in the European Parliament, Commissioners have to answer questions from MEPs, have a time limit by which they must answer the question, and if they don't then the question is referred to a parliamentary committee and the Commissioner gets into lots of trouble.

The EU having a better system of questioning than Westminster? And people still support this Labour government?

What are the options, though? David Cameron planning on saving the country through a series of healthy recipes for all the family using a magical combination of broccoli and cabbage?

Sack the fucking lot, that's what I say.


Martin said...


In my experience the Freedom of Information Act isn't much use.

Earlier this year I made an FoI request for confirmation whether Ed Balls had attended the 2001, 2002 and 2003 meetings of the Bilderberg Group. At that time he was still a civil servant and as such would have had no business attending the meetings of non-governmental organisations to which the UK is not bound by any statute or treaty.

I did get a reply - saying they had no data; like they didn't know where Gordon Brown's chief economic adviser had been at all hours of the day and night for the last nine years.

Balls, George Osborne and Anatole Kaletsky were all reported to have been at Bilderberg 2006, held between June 8-11 in Ottawa.

When I e-mailed Balls asking him to confirm this, I got an e-mail back from his constituency secretary saying he would only reply to constituency business.

Such are the joys of open government.

Mr Eugenides said...

What terrible language.

Anonymous said...

"Is it me, or is this government the most vicious, corrupt and morally bankrupt shower of shits in living history?"

No, yes.

Anonymous said...

Hangings too good for them that's what I say.

They should be rounded up like cattle and shot like pigs!

Anonymous said...

“Is it me, or is this government the most vicious, corrupt and morally bankrupt shower of shits in living history?”

Vicious, yes, but probably no more corrupt and morally bankrupt than any that went before. They brought all their resentments and loony ideology to power with them and are attacking their ‘class enemies’ (ho ho) and wrecking everything they don’t like just as fast as they can before they get booted out again. They’re like a burglar who’s broken into a stately home, and as well as nicking all the silver, seems determined to shit in the cornflakes packet before he leaves.

Anonymous said...


Can you not get your headlines short and to the point - I wouldn't want people to misunderstand where you are coming from


Devil's Kitchen said...


I knew you'd appreciate Trixy's lack of prolix fucking about!


Anonymous said...

"Sack the fucking lot...." implies severance pay. Shoot, as suggested above, then send the family the bill for the bullet.

mr null said...

I totally agree. I was getting very worked up the other night when I discovered that 8 million had been spent in London NHS hospitals alone providing translation services for patients who didn't want to speak english.. one woman was asked in her native language 'why' and she said - "Why should I, when I can have someone talk in my language?" and then admitted that the fact the service existed had made her too lazy to actually learn a higher standard of good english..

mr null said...

"if they tried to tax me on the coins down the back of my sofa, I would not be in the least bit fucking surprised."

I almost fell off my chair with Laughter reading this. You're just so bang-on with that remark.

Anonymous said...

Fuck me Mr Kitchen that really is you in the photo , I thought it was some nancy boy with an Oscar Wilde crush.
How did you come to have such an atrocity of a photograph taken?
BTW fucking congratulations on out cunting swearing me online.

mr null said...

Peter Hitchens - with the intro on your blog effing hilarious - I can't wait to read some of your blog entries. winner!

James Higham said...

Yes, sack the f-ing lot of them but I've just read two other bloggers [rightist] who feel the government has one more term in them.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I very nearly didn't read this post. The C word is useful, but you are in danger of emasculating it by over use. Ever heard of "defamiliarisation"?

By all means use "Cunt" but try and give it a rest occasionally. Besides, I am not sure if it is a strong enough word to describe this government.

As for your point, £5 million is nothing - paper clip money. All these touchy feely bits of spin dressed up as freedom of information and whiter than white has proved to be total shit. Shitty shit with shit on it, on a shitty day in Grantham.

Anonymous said...

You are right, they are a bunch of useless fuckers led by cuntblair then cuntbrown, what a pile of cunting fuckers

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

here here bloggers.

Anonymous said...

they are all criminals but because they are polotitions they get away with it. no matter what, corruption goes all the way from the government to your local council & not forgetting the jobcentre people.. they are all getting payed fat wages for treating us like dogs.. i wouldnt piss on any of them if they were on fire let them burn .........

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