Friday, December 08, 2006

Netiquette and paranoia

EDIT: I have removed this post for the moment, whilst the situation is sorted out.

It will almost certainly reappear by the end of the weekend though.


Anonymous said...

By the nature of my blog I have to be very careful not to give any real clues as to my identity. Can I suggest you set up an anonymous email account rather than encouraging people to email you at your real name and also remove the pictures of yourself? You shouldn't have to but it's preferable to having to shut down your blog altogether.

Devil's Kitchen said...

I have an official email account but, unfortunately, it is temporarily not active (can't pay the bill!). It should be back online in a day or two...


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm a lurker, I read the Kitchen, Timmy, Mr Eugenides and others. Despite being wrapped up in gratuitous swearing (which is always enjoyable) the points that DK et al make are always cogent and well argued.

Chad, fuck off and die would you. I would post this on your site but I'm not paying you £2.50 for the privilege of telling you that you're a fucking retard.

To be honest there are two things that stop me becoming a UKIP member or voting UKIP although they are closest to my own political leanings. Those are, firstly UKIP is a one issue party when there are so many other issues that need addressing and secondly because they attract wankers like Chad.

Keep on fisking DK.

Real name withheld 'cos I have a job and Brown you fucker, I pay more than enough taxes.

Hey, DK, it is theraputic isn't it?

Devil's Kitchen said...

Yup, certainly is. That's why I do it: catharsis...


Anonymous said...

DK, you convinced me (and by extension a few people I know) to take UKIP seriously because you don't pull any punches across the board, even with UKIP themselves where their policies need some work. We have enough mendacious twats in UK politics as it is, we don't need random UKIP bod adding to it for what appears to me to be bizarre reasons.

Keep the swearing up and don't let the fuckers take you down!

Anonymous said...

The hypocritical little cunt even has the gaul (in his latest post) to say "Think of UKIP Chris. Stop attacking fellow party members please"

This wouldn't be the same fucking twat who is more than happy to attack anyone who dares disagree with a single word of the drivel that he posts.

Chad why don't you do us all a favour and fuck off and join yet another party. I suggest the Lib Dem's would be the ideal home for a two faced lying little shit like yourself.

Anonymous said...

DK - a) best of British with this cunt b) if you do need to start untraceably blogging outside of the DK environment then give me a shout and I'll give you some pointers.


MatGB said...

Chad's a passionate supporter of UKIP?

Bwah hah! This time last year he was trawling Lib Dem forums trying to persuade people his ProgCon party was the way forward. Then he was all in favour of Mr Cameron's attempts to get the LibDems to join the Tories, and (re)joined the Conservatives.

Noble's an arse, and his site is worth simply ignoring. Unfortunately, you're right, he doesn't understand basic netiquette. Hope it can be resolved without you needing to remove the site.

Arseholes. If anyone's a liability to UKIP, it's Chad Noble. But then, he's not really wanted in any party, even his own.

Anonymous said...

Hi DK,

I hope you can keep going and this egotistical wanker, Chad, will respect your wishes and cease using your real name. Netiquette violation doesn't even come close to describing it.

Chad, if you want UKIP to continue to become more attractive to right-of-centre floating voters like myself, you're really going to have to learn when the time has come to just shut the fuck up and retire gracefully.

DK, if this 'incident' blows over with a successful outcome for your blog, there's a piece of tax legislation on its way at the impending budget that may be of interest.


It seems that the one-eyed Cyclopean Cunt, Brown, is hell-bent on eliminating the UK contracting industry. It's incredibly sad, as it has provided a means for self-reliant and knowledgeable individuals to forge an independent living in the UK. This ethos seems anathama to Socialist wankers like Brown. He's determined to finish us off once and for all.

Anonymous said...


Much as I, too, enjoy a gratuitous insult every once in a while, I fear that the particular style of writing we have come to know and love at the Kitchen works against you here.

Yes, this 'Chad' fellow (if that is his real name) might be irritating with his persistent failure to get the points you make. But telling him to fuck off has only made matters worse. He will read the comments here, and I give it 2 to 1 that he posts another comment on his own blog, pointing out the rude words you and other esteemed commeters here continue to hurl in his direction. In doing so, he gets to smugly ignore the substance of the original debate.

Sure, most of us know this is a pathetic smokescreen. Sadly there will be a few bloggers out there who don't perform all the click-throughs. They will perceive a storm of abuse directed at dear old Chad, and perceive that alone.

I might suggest, DK, that you tweaser out the various issues here and deal with them in short, separate posts that deal specifically with the issues and arguments. By my reckoning, you have to address:

1. The hilarious and erroneous suggestion that you are a Tory stooge.

2. The vaccuous, anti-intellectual stance that says that fellow party members should not criticise each other.

3. The even more vaccous, insidious, and patronising suggestion that politicians should never suggest that they think another party might win the election.

4. £2.50 is very, very odd, and looks like an anti-democratic, anti-criticism measure even if it is not.

5. DK or CM?
6. The Shot From Both Sides Conundrum

Crucially, you really do not need lower yourself to personal insults. His own ridiculous conduct discredits Chad more than a stray four-letters from these pages ever could. Why call him names, when you can show that he is a failure?

Why am I bothering to type all this? I am not a member of UKIP and do not expect to become one any time soon. But Chad's patronising views on the nature of political debate are so odious I believe combatting them transcends party (or non-party) lines. I also think the 'outing' of DK is small-minded and wrong, very wrong. It distracts from actual ideas about politics.

Martin said...


One wonders whether Chad is dimpled...or merely hanging...

Firstly, congratulations on having a career. I used to have one of those once.

If either you or the bold Chad wish use of a semi-redundant screen name, I have one I would be willing to rent out; to you free of charge, to him £2.50 a pop...would probably pay better than Google ads.

Your analysis of UKIP's chances of imminent electoral success is probably bang on the money. However come 2013, there might not be a 'UK' on whose behalf to seek 'I' anymore. More likely than not it would be able to transform itself into an English Independence Party without much difficulty; but it does tout itself as a UK party NOW - so a slightly higher profile in Joke/Jockland would be welcome.

The very name 'UKIP' implies that it is a Unionist party - and given that the Scottish Conservatives currently resemble Frankenstein's first effort, his unsuccessful protoype, if UKIP's leadership got their heads out their backsides and started showing face up here and getting the message out they might stand a better chance of picking up loose Tories like me who face the prospect of having to vote Labour in the Holyrood elections next May in order just to keep the SNP out.

DK, UKIP is one of the oddest political movements that the UK has ever produced. It seems to exist in a state of constant chaos.

Serial falling-outs amongst its leadership seem to be commonplace. Whether or not this is a consequence of media bias I don't know, but its driving force seems to be its leadership's egos rather than what I am sure is their sincere commitment to the party's agenda.

Some of its elected representatives seem to be astonishingly naive - I can think of one who might, just might, have gotten himself wrapped up in a political dirty trick without meaning to do so.

However in spite of all that it is gaining ground. Its basic message is genuinely popular - that the EU's a barrowload of the hot and steamy stuff is a truism - but one cannot help but think that it is succeeding in spite of itself, not because of itself. Its core constituency is disaffected Tories - bingo! Millions of them out there!

They haven't yet grasped that they NEED people like you on the team - unpaid activists willing to go to the crease for them and knock the Labour spin machine for six in the googlies.

Is there a UKIP Bloggers network, for example?

Anonymous said...

The man's a prick. UKIP would do itself a favour by distancing itself from him. As for the Kitchen, I do hop you don't have to retire it, although I would understand if you did.

I'm in the process of trying to get back into paid employment, so am somewhat circumspect about my online activities...

Anonymous said...

Chad, fuck off and die would you. I would post this on your site but I'm not paying you £2.50 for the privilege of telling you that you're a fucking retard.

Couldn't have put it better myself. DK I thoroughly enjoy your blogs. It would be a great loss if you were forced to give it because of the stupidity of some mindless half-wit.

Anonymous said...

I don't often commetn on your blog though I do reasonably often read it. Chad is out of order here- you respond to people by the name that they choose. His site is a joke though- I still can't see why the 2.50, I have no idea why he does that and think that since he does it he must not be able to see blogging as the challenge to one's own beliefs that it is. Its a conversation and you learn as much from it as you learn from writing.

What an idiot.

LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

When you change your name as I fear you surely will, please do not forget us who are "learning the ropes", and send the links to those, who whilst not actively following UKIP are willing to listen to your "thoughts" on any and all parties.

I firmly believe that most people have an inherent sense of what is right, and the ability to spot bullshit as the case with Chad proves, and also the knowledge to spot "class", DK your site is Class!! being both informative and more to the point truthfull yet bloody funny with it.

Long may Devils Kitchen reign!!

Anonymous said...

What a cock.

Considering he likes his conspiracies, is this "Chad" person attempting to do what I did with my short-lived Stop Veritas piece of nonsense, trying to cause online confusion for the supporters of a party he despises while having a bit of fun doing a parody of the nuttier parts of political blogland?

If it's still up - which it probably is, check out the comments section of Stop Veritas for an increasingly elaborate comments-based - presumably fictional - sub-plot revolving around God alone knows what, with a whole range of barkingly mad characters, none of whom were created by me... The style is somewhat reminiscent of this Chad fellow... (And it's not like it's the first time he's been accused of launching websites designed to mislead...)

Still, if he doesn't stop, you could always start getting your own back on Mr Noble of Thorpe Bay, Southend-on-Sea, Essex...

James Higham said...

I don't really see, DK, why it would need to be retired. Because of the anonymity which that tosser blew for you, you can resurface under another moniker at an appropriate juncture and deny it's you, if anyone asks. I understand the loss of the web design though.

Anonymous said...

I blog under a pseudonym not from a fear of public exposure as such (although for an element of protection from a stalker I have had for some time) but more because the friends and family who I interact with and whose lives are therefore chronicled prefer it that way. It is simply common decency.

If Mr. C (who I am positive considers himself to be a discerning, decent type who would never hit below the belt or contravene the Internet Queensbury Rules) cannot comprehend and partake in the generous nature of the blogosphere then he should find another medium to engage in.

Might I suggest that the more technologically apt of DK's readership find a way of creatively defacing/vandalising/ENHANCING his space (I can offer numerous precedents where this is considered to be a valid endeavour both practically and theoretically).

Alternatively may I offer my Mata Hari-esque services. If Msr. Chaddeus is incapable of following the most basic and fundamental tenets of Internet behaviour then all is fair in blogging and war. I'm sure that there are (a) certain 'thing' (or lack of) that he would not care to be publicized. Do unto others and all that...

Anonymous said...

DK, I'm new to this blogging lark and only attracted to it by chanceing upon your site. Once I get my head around that html thingy I may actually build a blog...
UKIP used to say that they were not politicians but ordinary people fighting for what they think is right. I was a member on that basis but did not bother to renew after they took that tosser Kilroy-Silk on board... Joan Collins supports UKIP indeed ... fuck me that will pull in the voters ... I thought she was dead. This country needs a Party that real people can vote for, an honest party, a party where a member can say what he feels is right to say not what the whips tell him to say. Chad seems to a self-appointed party whip, his attitude will drive people away- that's what you do with a whip.
Stick with it DK, you have far more support than you can imagine.

Charred Knobble said...

Good to see the list of people who loathe that repugnant, attention-seeking turd continues to grow.

UKIPmoan uncovered some examples of his bizarre antics that may interest you.

Anonymous said...

A lot of bloody good removing this post has done you. Has the OVER INFLATED EGO removed the posts about you?


Anonymous said...

What an arsewipe. He's that kind of person that tries to ferret out a secret and then takes enormous glee in broadcasting it to all and sundry and then tries to say it's in everyone's best interests to know the truth. It's really not, and he's just a dry, friction-burned cunt for doing so.

Anonymous said...

I've been away in Finland, where apparently they don't really have the internet, or at least not any form that my computer recognises. What on earth has been going on here?


Anonymous said...

UKIPhome is a dead blog, it deceased, its no more, its fallen off its perch!

Anonymous said...

Nosemonkey - 12/09/2006 01:55:31 PM

Your 6 years and 2 counties out of date and its Sarfend.

Anonymous said...

Nosemonkey - 12/09/2006 01:55:31 PM

Your 6 years and 2 counties out of date and its Sarfend.

Anonymous said...

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