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The EU: orchestrated lies

Via Trixy again, it seems that Chuckles wants us all to love the EU and is prepared to spend our money to ensure that this happens. Well, aren't we all lucky, little serfs, eh?
A multi-million pound propaganda war to force the British people to love the European Union and Brussels bureaucrats is to be launched by Tony Blair as part of his legacy as Prime Minister, it has been revealed.

Oh, yes, that'll be this legacy...
The operation to overcome strong opposition to the EU in Britain and soften them up in the event of fresh moves to forge closer links with Brussels was secretly agreed by Mr Blair and his Ministers at last week's Cabinet meeting.

Obviously this is a case of Barroso says "yes" then. I wonder if Spam will be indulging in "Punch and Judy politics" over this little number? Somehow, I doubt it; and once again we see our politicians stitching us up like the proverbial kippers. As Trixy says, god forbid that we have anything other than a propaganda war on the subject of the EU, eh?
Don't get me wrong: As much as I hate the EU I would welcome debate. But fair debate. The EU itself already has a huge propaganda budget with which to try convince people that what they are doing is all about fluffy bunnies and happy, smiling children, as opposed to the plans for a super state with a spot of third world death along the way. So why do they need more money?

As I have opined before, what the fuck do the politicos care, as long as they can continue to award themselves massive pay rises, eh? What is most insulting is that they want to use our money to tell us how amazing this self-evidently shitty organisation is.
Details of the plan, obtained by The Mail on Sunday, show how the Prime Minister is so frustrated at his failure to persuade voters that the EU is a good thing, he is to spend a fortune from public funds in a final attempt to brainwash them before he resigns next year.

Now, I may be going out on a fucking limb here but if you need to spend enormous amounts of cash to persuade people that something this big is actually a benefit then it might be posited that, just possibly, it isn't a actually good thing.
They include banning Ministers and officials from referring to unpopular EU institutions like the European Commission, places such as Brussels and Strasbourg, the euro currency, terms like 'Eurocrat' and 'EU directive' and controversial policies such as the Common Agricultural Policy and the EU constitution.

Wow! How the fuck are they going to talk about the EU in anyway then? Because that little lot pretty much sums up what the EU is about, doesn't it? Maladministration, vast wastage, a yawning democratic deficit...
Instead they have been ordered to try to promote the 'EU brand' by linking to popular European events and institutions such as the Eurovision song contest, the Cannes Film Festival and the UEFA soccer organisation that runs the Champions League tournament - even though none of them has anything to do with the EU.

Oh well, our media obsessed government sinks to new depths of mendacity in the promotion of this fucking shit institution.
Every Whitehall department is to appoint a spin doctor responsible for promoting the EU.

Fucking hellski! And every one of the bastard's will be on about £60,000 plus benefits, you can almost guarantee it. Just what we need: more spin doctors. Have NuLabour learnt nothing?
And Downing Street will draw up an 'EU Grid' to make sure stories portraying Brussels in a good light are leaked to the media on a regular basis.

And you serfs had better listen up, OK? Because all three main parties are in favour of the EU (just as they are all in favour of your pockets being pinched to fund their political parties (of all stripes) and their 66% pay rise). And do remember that the only libertarian party campaigning for withdrawal from the EU, free-trade and smaller government are "cranks and gadflies", not to mention "fruitcakes and closet racists".
The leaked plans state that propaganda must be tailored to win over all groups by encouraging them to think that 'as a tourist, as a mother, as a birdwatcher, as an entrepreneur... the EU is relevant and can make a difference.'

That's right, the EU can make your lives that much more difficult and expensive.
  • As a tourist: if you are from within the EU, then you can cross borders easily enough. But, of course, everything (especially food, thanks to the CAP) is more expensive. And, of course, the currency is the same; except that it's not. People just don't have the same confidence in those Italian Euros as they do in the German ones...

    If you are from outside the EU then the advantages are... well... non-existant.

  • As a mother: your food bill is far higher than it would otherwise be, thanks to the CAP. Your clothes and shoes are more expensive, thanks to the tariffs on imports to the EU, than they would otherwise have been as is, in fact, almost everything.

  • As a birdwatcher: the EU will help preserve the environment of the wild animals that you love. How could you doubt it? I mean, everybody knows how wildly successful the Common Fisheries Policy has been.

  • As an entrepreneur: the EU has been immensely beneficient in... No, sorry, I'm stumped on that one.

How can we cranks ever fight against that great list of benefits; how can one fight against an organisation that delivers such superlative bounty?
More controversially, it suggests Ministers should not waste their energies trying to win over the elderly and people with few academic qualifications.

Ah yes, that'll be because they are too reactionary and too stupid respectively to understand the benefits of the EU. Besides, the elderly will probably be dead or immobile by the next election and the thickos probably don't vote anyway, eh?

Mind you, I'm surprised that there is anyone in Britain today without academic qualifications coming out of their ears. After all, one of Blair's big priorities when first elected was "education, education, education". Wasn't it?
It says the 'young and educated' have much more appetite for learning about Europe than 'the old and uneducated'.

The young and the educated are so much easier to brainwash as they tend to think that they are above the need for common sense or argument; they are more easily persuaded by shiny trinkets, you see. So, presumably we can just look forward to more exciting seminars like that hosted by the pug-faced moron and TEBAF Margot in Scotland, recently.
The plans were drawn up on Mr Blair's instructions by Whitehall's £180,000-a-year head of communications Howell James, a close friend of EU Commissioner Peter Mandelson.

Mr James had a relationship with Mr Mandelson's partner, Brazilian Reinaldo da Silva, before Mr Mandelson met him.

Mr Howell's [sic] links with Mr Mandelson are thought to have been a factor when he was appointed as Whitehall's first permanent secretary in charge of media relations two years ago.

I'm sure that that isn't true; I, for one, am absolutely certain that Mr James got his job entirely on merit and not because of any three-way bumsex with Peter and Reinaldo influence over with Mr Mandelson, the twice-disgraced fuckwit who is the (unelected) Trade Commissioner and who utterly bollocksed up the trade deal with China during the so-called "bra wars".

Mind you, Mr James is on £180,000 a year. I wonder if he might be able to advise us on how dear Peter was able to afford his house? Alas, we'll probably never know as he wouldn't be open to bribery when he's already earning £180,000 a year...
At last week's Cabinet meeting where the EU propaganda campaign was approved, Ministers were told it was needed because of a growing expectation that Brussels would revive plans for an EU constitution, further reducing Britain's ability to govern itself.

The constitution was abandoned last year after it was rejected by voters in France and the Netherlands.

Ah yes, that'll be the one that has to be ratified by all member states, yes? Oh, come on, the one that Toni promised that we would have a referendum on, even if it were rejected by the others?
Now, if you were to click on this link to a Commons debate on 21 June 2004 and then click on the "See this speech in context link", you might see documented evidence of the Prime Minister lying. Oh, no, sorry, I do apologise: Tony doesn't lie. After all, it's still all to be decided, isn't it...?

Here is a direct link to Frank Field's question.
Oh, yes. Will the Prime Minister give an undertaking that if other countries veto the constitution before he calls a referendum, the British people will still have their say on what they think of this move?

To which Toni replied:
Yes. There is no question of any constitutional treaty going through without the express consent of the British people.

And then:
Regardless of how other members vote, we will have a referendum on the subject.

I see, thank you, Chuckles. We're still fucking waiting, you treacherous, lying bastard. Mind you, this little snippet is also hilarious.
That is why every other country in Europe supports the treaty—if we oppose the treaty, we will be the only country to do so. People recognise that a Union of 25 should and must operate differently from a Union of 15 or six.

Apparently Toni has been able to return his crystal ball, having luckily kept the receipt.

Trixy, once again, reveals the form in which the fucking, bastard, cunting thing might be dragged back from the half-life which it currently enjoys.
Would these be the plans currently being undertaken in the FCO for the British to lead the way in a new treaty? The ones which our leaders (and I use that in the loosest sense of the term) think they can scam past the public because British people wrote it, so it can't be something 'nasty' from Brussels? The one which will probably appear in some shape or form on the 25th March in Berlin, possibly under the name of the 'Berlin Constitution Declaration'?

Almost certainly, I would imagine. After all, if the Constitution really is dead, then what would be the point of Finland ratifying it, eh?
Finland ratified the EU constitution on Tuesday adding one more country to the list of member states having given the nod of approval to a document whose fate is still undetermined.

Finland's move makes it the 16th member state to largely complete ratification of the document and the seventh country – along with Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Luxembourg, Belgium and Cyprus – whose vote comes after the shock 'no' referendums by French and Dutch voters last year.

This isn't dead and it's not going away. The result from France and the Netherlands has already been spun as a request for greater integration and Toni has yet to annouce ours. Gosh, I wonder what the cunt's waiting for...
They will shortly receive a 'new core script and toolkit' suggesting that issues such as climate change, Blue Flag beaches, cheap flights and cheap mobile calls when abroad should be emphasised with the EU downplayed.

For fuck's sake.
The new pro-EU message will be dumbed down, using a 'reframed and compelling narrative with accessible and "friendly" themes, wherever possible steering away from institutions, politics and legislation'. And pro-European politicians should be replaced by pro-European celebrities with a 'range of non political voices'.

That's right; let's try and steer away from any actual political debate, eh?
In one of the most controversial sections on 'rebranding the EU', the Cabinet paper provides a chart showing the most unpopular aspects of the EU: the constitution, the commission, Brussels, Strasbourg, the Common Agricultural Policy, Eurocrats and the euro, described as issues towards which the public feels 'cold'.

In other words, they don't like them.
They are contrasted with popular - or 'warm' - aspects of Europe, including UEFA, the Eurovision Song Contest, the Cannes Film Festival and Liverpool, Europe's "Capital of Culture' for 2008, though none have EU links. The best-known 'warm' EU topics were its Pet Travel Scheme and the EU-sponsored "Blue Flag' clean beaches.

You see, this is just semantic mendacity. The EU is not the same as Europe and the two should not be conflated. The MSM are largely to blame for this as well, frequently interchanging the two words as they do. It is pure laziness.
Titled Reframing The Debate, the paper says Ministers must use 'themes with a "natural" European dimension to maximise impact and increase familiarity with Europe'.

The objective is to 'realign the EU brand via alliances with familiar, trusted organisations and brands'.

A new network of Whitehall spin doctors with orders to promote the EU has been created, with one senior "Press co-ordinator' in all 23 Government departments.

They will help No 10 draw up a 'rolling grid of upcoming EU issues' to ensure British voters are fed with a constant diet of pro-EU news.

In other words, our own money is to be deployed to lie to us.
Mr James told Ministers Press releases about the EU must be censored, removing references to the EU and its directives.

Lies, lies, lies, lies.
Instead they would refer to 'Europe' - which Mr James describes as 'a European sub brand' which people warm to.

The paper presented to the Cabinet by Mr James complained of the continuing 'negativity and euro scepticism' among British voters, adding: "Indifference and apathy remains significant." Ministers must claim victories for Brussels, not Britain. "There is a risk of overplaying the UK's role and achievements at the expense of the EU,' it stated.

I hate you all so, so much. I find myself hankering for a cleaner and more satisfying solution to our problems. Our problems number about six hundred and more; a three-line whip and some ingenuity would solve it all...
Remember, remember the fifth of December;
Use gunpowder: no reason why not.
I see this mendacity as a very fair reason
Why we should blow up the lot.

Oh for a really big fireworks display...

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