Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The EU-Nihilist

I have of late, though wherefore I know not*, been comtemplating the extent to which the MSM and politicians hide bad stories about the EU; it's as though there is a great big conspiracy between the lot of them to hush up the extent to which the EU controls our lives.

Thus, I've decided to start a new group blog—The EU-Nihilist—to act as a central repository for all those finicky little EU stories that are missed, passed over and ignored. I'd love to get as many contributors as possible: anyone who is EUsceptic or EUnihilist is welcome to join, write new articles, cross-link and write short, explanatory posts. I'd also like to get a couple of extra editors.

I'd like to make it clear that I'm not looking for Swearblogging there; just flagging up issues that might otherwise slip beneath our radars. I want somewhere where I can point people when they ask me just what the EU controls. It would be great to get some new essays, etc. on there too. Anything around the EU is welcome.

Please email me if you'd like to sign up! I will need your email address and you will need a Blogger account (you can always delete any associated blog after signing up).

* This is a lie. I know exactly whence this idea comes: hearing from the UKIP press officers how difficult it is to get journalists interested in EU matters or stories.


Matthew Sinclair said...

I don't know. Isn't that function pretty much filled by the Road to EU Serfdom and in a less focussed manner Tim Worstall, yourself and EU Referendum? What's the advantage of having it done centrally?

Not that you should listen to me of course. I guess I'm the enemy now :)

One idea I had a while back was to run an aggregating Commentisfreewatch blog which would provide a concentrated source of Guardian rubbishing. I think that is subject to the same criticism as this EU Nihilist idea you propose though in that Mr. E and, to a lesser extent, the rest of us already have that covered and diversity is good.

nsfl said...

"Wherefore I know not" means "I don't know why" not "I don't know where".

"Whence" means "from where" so "from whence" is a solecism.

Hamlet/Withnail aside, isn't this new blog on eureferendum's territory?

Devil's Kitchen said...


You are correct on both literary points, of course; I was aware but I have been rather busy and just quickly slapped the post up without checking my linguistic accuracy.


I don't know. Isn't that function pretty much filled by the Road to EU Serfdom and in a less focussed manner Tim Worstall, yourself and EU Referendum?

Well, yes and no. Mainly we all fisk the obvious bits that appear in the MSM but not the bits that don't make it in there (of which there is quite a lot). It is amazing just how much legislation is out there.

We also don't look at the EuroParl briefings (which I now have a means of access to) and rarely look at detailed legislation.

What's the advantage of having it done centrally?

As I say, as a central repository. Right now, if I want to find a piece on a particular piece of legislation or economic argument, I have to remember what blog I saw it on, etc. The idea would be to use EU-Nihilist as a... well... a one-stop reference for any EU arguments, essays, news links, etc.


Mr Eugenides said...

I'm mildly flattered that I'm considered the "go-to" guy on Guardianista rubbishing - I thought I was just calling them cunts and running away, giggling.

On second thoughts - that is all I do...

The Nameless Libertarian said...

The EU-Nihilist strikes me as a good idea - will it contain profuse amounts of what Mr E normally calls "sweary goodness"?

It is very worrying that the mainstream media reports so little of what the EU does. I wonder how many people are actually aware of how much power successive governments have surrendered to the EU without so much as a whimper?

nsfl said...

Had just had a row with the neighbours when I posted last and now my mood has improved. As a DK fan and eurosceptic (see previous posts; in fact, I'm lucky enough to be paid to be eurosceptic and will mail you privately as soon as I can out myself) I'd love to put my weight behind this.
The site is intended to be what an ad man might call a "one-stop shop" for eurosceptic weaponry (ie a resource) rather than a blog, yes?
By the by but still with Withnail, I too was at the other place. But before you.

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