Thursday, December 07, 2006

Conservatives still crap

An interesting new poll has been publishd on ConservativeHome.
"OTHER than the Conservative Party, which of the following political parties in Britain is CLOSEST to your views?"

That question at the end of the ConservativeHome Members' Panel survey produced the following results for self-declared Conservative Party members:
  • UKIP: 43%

  • Liberal Democrat: 7%

  • Ulster Unionist: 6%

  • Labour: 4%

  • BNP: 3%

  • Democratic Unionist: 2%

  • Scottish Nationalist: 1%

  • Plaid: <1%

  • None: 31%

  • Don’t know: 3%

It's nice to know that there really are still some real conservatives amongst the Tories, isn't it? But hist! There's more...
A survey of the CHMP in July found that 30% of members fully supported the Better Off Out campaign to leave the EU and another 33% had sympathy with it.

Which would suggest that 63% disagree with official Tory Party policy on the European Union; could that be why Francis "Fuckwit" Maude's satisfaction rating has dropped back below zero? And will Spam be changing his party's policy on the EU?

No, of course not: Barroso says "no"...

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Mr Eugenides said...

I don't think that last bit is correct, DK. By those figures, 30% of members support a policy ("Better Off Out") which the Tories are not proposing, so the proportion of members who "disagree with official Tory Party policy" is 30%, not 63%.

I can "have sympathy" with those who are proposing a "Sarah's Law" for naming paedophiles, for example; but I don't support it. The two things are not the same.

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