Thursday, December 14, 2006

Carbon emissions: really, we are not fucked

I seem to be encountering more and more people spouting rubbish about climate change at the moment. I talked to a very nice banker about it on the plane to London yesterday, and with another at the (really rather delightful) Christmas lunch at the lovely Trixy's club.

The Stern Report, absolute horseshit though it is, seems to have taken everyone in and even people who really should know better appear to have swallowed Stern's scaremongering propaganda.

Now, as you may know, I am fairly unconvinced that our carbon compound emissions are actually having any significant effect on climate change; however, I am equally convinced that we will not be burning fossil fuels by... oh, let's say 2040.

Timmy, of course, thinks that this is, in fact, rather pessimistic and that we will have alternative sources of energy by some time before that. Go and read his whole post, and let him explain why he has come to the following conclusion.
It’s these sorts of slow and steady advances, unknown to the general public, that make me unshakeably convinced that Lomborg was a pessimist in his prediction that it will be 2040 or so before we simply stop using fossil fuels. I think we’re going to have cheaper alternatives before that. This is the important point though. They will be cheaper. We do not have to cripple the economy, do not have to reduce energy demand by fiat or dictat. We’re already spending the money and getting the results that will lead to a non-fossil fuel powered world.

Timmy's post is comprehensive and informed—much of the progress made has involved Tim in his day job as the world's biggest supplier of scandium (and other metals)—but there are more projects that he does not mention: I have written before about zinc oxide powerstations, not to mention the LIMPET wave generators (one of which, on Islay, has been connected to the grid since 2000).

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people—and, especially worryingly, those who are making policy—seem to be utterly ignorant of this progress. This is probably because they aren't controlling it (which is, of course, why we are making progress).

In other words, we aren't doomed and we don't have to beggar ourselves to avoid world catastrophe. Look behind the claims of the climate change dramatists and you will find a wealth of ignorance, a lack of scientific understanding and an almost religious zeal (rendering many of them immune to reasoned argument on the subject).

Ignore them, as you would any other ill-informed moron. Apart from Miliband: I will continue to call him a ignorant, lying cunt and I would invite you all to join me.

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