Monday, November 13, 2006

Where's the evidence?

The Beeb are running a story headlined thusly:
Muslim abuse 'rising in schools'

Which is, I think that you will agree, shocking. But is there any evidence?
Teachers are to be warned that bullying prompted by Islamophobia is on the rise in schools across the country.

Schools minister Jim Knight will also remind teachers, at a conference, of new ways to deal with bullying through the internet and mobile phones.

No, no, no! I said, "evidence". You know; hard facts?
Chris Keates, head of the NASUWT teaching union hosting the conference in London, says: "Everyone must play their part in banishing bullying."

Yes, OK. But is there any evidence that this bullying is based on people being Muslim?
The Anti-Bullying Alliance has identified seven types of cyber-bullying, ranging from abusive text messages, e-mails and phone calls to bullying via internet chatrooms, social networking sites and instant messaging.

Yes, OK. But is there any evidence of increased bullying of Muslims? Or even a reference to any such evidence? Nope, there's nothing in the whole article. Not a smidgeon. Which is terribly odd, isn't it? You know, because the Beeb keeps banging on about how it needs to verify articles and this is what places it above bloggers and all that. Oh well, they must have just forgotten to put the overwhelming evidence in, or something. Never mind.
The Department for Education and Skills said new measures to stamp out the problem were likely to be unveiled during anti-bullying week.

Heh! Yes, but will the Muslims be unveiled, eh?


James Higham said...

New measures to stamp out that which does not exist?

Anonymous said...

great use of the licence fee - an article that tells us precisely nothing

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