Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What the fuck are the Tories playing at?

Via Tory In The Wilderness (you really aren't alone, mate), I see that the Tories are even now considering bringing in a 35 hour working week.
A controversial 35-hour working week is under consideration by a group of David Cameron's key advisers.

The Quality of Life policy group has been consulting on whether the Conservatives should bring in European-style working hours for the "general wellbeing" of the population.

Fuck you, you bunch of fucking cunts; who the cunting fuck are you to tell me how long I should work? Fuck you.

For me, "general wellbeing" means having money to spend so that I can enjoy myself when I'm not at work. If I have more hours not at work, I am going to have less money and yet probably end up spending more. Gummer, go fuck yourself. Even the awful, awful bunch of authoritarian bastards that we have in charge now have not considered such a stupid fucking move.

Let me make this absolutely fucking clear, you bunch of Tory bastards, how many hours I choose to work is none of your fucking business. I don't have a wife or children, so you can't even say that it is important for my work/life balance: I, generally, enjoy working and as long as I'm decently paid for it, I shall go and have a couple of pints after it, with or without the lovely A. But whatever I do, it is—and I'll repeat this because you bastards seem to be to stupid to get it into your heads—NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!

And how dare you try to tell us what is good for our "general wellbeing", you patronising, Stalinist fucktards. Are we all the same, do we all derive the same pleasures from the same entertainments? I don't fucking think so.
A consultation paper on the proposal asks: "Would you be in favour of the introduction of a 35-hour working week?"

Mr Gummer said: "We have had responses from both sides of the case and we will look at it very carefully. We have to look at it. This is an issue that we have got to raise. Half of Europe is arguing about this. We have got to ask the question."

Why, exactly? As I keep saying, it is none of your sodding business. For the Tories to even consider this proposal shows how far they have moved in favour of state authoritarianism. Can anyone calling themselves "libertarian", of whatever stripe, really support this collection of cunts?
While unions in Britain have long campaigned for a 35-hour week, such a move would infuriate business leaders who say employers would be forced to keep salaries at the same level while getting less work from employees. Shorter hours have been controversial in France with critics blaming them for high unemployment and rising labour costs.

Not to mention the €100 billion that the policy would appear to have added to the French national deficit since its introduction on 2000.
FRANCE’S 35-hour working week has added €100 billion (£67 billion) to its national debt, according to Thierry Breton, the country’s Finance Minister.

M Breton said that reductions in social taxes on firms to compensate for a drop in the hours worked by their employees had cost an annual €20 billion for the past five years.

Nice to see that the Tories are determined to regain their reputation as a "safe pair of hands" on all matters economic, eh?

Perhaps some new Tory slogans are in order, eh? Vote Conservative if you don't want to call your time your own! Vote Conservative for a bigger state! Vote Conservative for economic ruin! Vote for a Conservative candidate who doesn't believe in any of the shit that is coming out of CCHQ but has managed to square it with his beliefs anyway!

Actually I'm sorry; I'm being slightly prolix: how about a simpler one?

Vote Conservative for venal hypocrites, authoritarian fuckwits and economic morons.

UPDATE: Iain has, in fact, covered this and his views are sound.
Gummer says: "We have to look at it. This is an issue that we have got to raise." Er, no it isn't actually. If employers wish to introduce a 35 hour week that is up to them. This is not a matter which the State should be intervening on. It would destroy jobs and reduce our competitiveness. I can hardly believe a Conservative could entertain such a proposal.

I think that his Anonymous commenter put it best...
Iain, what does the Tory party have to do before you realise it no longer reflects your views? If you are hanging in there merely because you think they might get into power then you may as well join Labour. Its time to make your principles count for something and leave them.


UPDATE 2: I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but did you know that you can join UKIP online?


Trixy said...

Fuck me, but even NuLabour is fighting against the 35 hour week amendment in the Working Time Directive.

So, the Tories are pushing for hardline EU policies as favoured by the trade unions, socialists and Polly fucking Toynbee.

If anyone in the Tory party runs as eurosceptic, rightwing or libertarian, am I allowed to get them under the trade descriptions act?

chris said...

God I wish that Cameron had stayed quiet about his intentions, at least before you could hope that he was a liberal. Looks like only the LibDems are anywhere close to being liberal, and even they are utterly in love with the EU. UKIP seems just about the only option left.

Anonymous said...

DK - I'm not really sure why you are blaming the tories here. The policy on 'Working Time Directive' is just part of the EU Health and Safety legislation. John Gummer can agree, disagree, or throw all his toys out of the pram - it makes no odds, as it will not make a blind bit of difference.

So eventually, once agreed in Brussels it will be brought in to this country who ever is in power, Tory, Labour or Lib Dem.

There are things we in Britain control, like defence, tax and social security.

There are things the EU control. This is one of them. Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

anon -> but thats DKs point entirely. why bother voting for the Tories when they just blandly pass off EU policies as their own?

"There are things the EU control. This is one of them. Get used to it."

And when was the referendum in the UK on that, eh? THAT is exactly why there is such an enormous disconnect between the British population and the political classes. Its time for change - a fucking big one at that.

Devil's Kitchen said...


I am afraid that you are wrong on this one. The EU's Working Time Directive does not call for a 35 hour week, but a 48 hour maximum. Further, Britain currently has an opt-out that allows us to decide on a maximum of 60 hours.

Thus the Tories are actually considering measures that are far more stringent than even the EU would impose; unless, of course, the fucking Tories know something we don't...


Anonymous said...

DK, I'll tell you exactly what the Tories are playing at. They're just promising everything to everybody in the hope that we dumb voters will only remember the things that interest us personally. It's all about getting back into power at all costs.

I strongly suspect that if Cameron does get into power his first priority will be to avoid any controversy that could jeopardise his position. He would just follow the path of least resistance in everything, which means leftish policies to keep the BBC and chattering classes on-side and a few authoritarian gestures to please the tabloids.

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