Friday, November 17, 2006

Via my impecunious, Arcadian friend, I find this astonishing article.
WOMEN would be able to demand criminal record checks to discover if their partners were sex offenders under government proposals to provide greater protection for children.

Excellent. Will I be able to demand a check on a woman's criminal record to see if she has brought a false rape charge in order to give greater protection against being screwed over by some conflicted, malignant bitch?

Fucking hell, this really is a sad society that we live in, isn't it?


Martin said...


Yes it is a very sad society.

What's the next stage up from 'name and shame'?

Pinch or lynch?

Some poor innocent WILL some day be LYNCHED because some meatheaded underclass thug THOUGHT they saw their picture on this website.

Of course, by that time the police control rooms will all be in Banagalore (or 'Bengalooru', as we must now call it')- Press 1 if you're being murdered, 2 if you're being raped...

Anonymous said...

You have a very good point there DK but they assume adults can protect themselves and in this case its just so that children can be protected.....but there are flaws... and the person above who answered is right, some innocent will end up getting lynched.

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