Saturday, November 25, 2006

This Lime Tree Bower

Your humble Devil as ...?As some of you may have heard, your humble Devil is in a play which runs for a week, starting on Sunday. Simply because it is my theatrical swansong (and very nearly my Edinburgh swansong: I shall be around for only about ten days or so afterwards. Well, that's the plan), I thought that I would present you with the details. Y'know, just in case any of you are around the 'Burgh at the time.

Can anyone guess which character your humble Devil might be playing?
This Lime Tree Bower

Set in a small Irish seaside town, Conor McPherson’s This Lime Tree Bower is a funny and moving tale of how three inextricably linked lives are turned upside down in a matter of days.

Each character has his own story:

Joe tells a coming-of-age tale in which he attempts to make sense of the world around him, but soon finds himself way out of his depth.

Frank, his elder brother, tells of his uneasy venture into the world of crime to help out their debt-laden father.

And then there’s Ray: a philosophy lecturer who spends more time in the pub and his students’ beds than in the library.

Performed in interweaving monologues, this production takes This Lime Tree Bower out of the theatre and into the pub for an exercise in the Irish art of storytelling.

“A touching, marvellously entertaining play … a piece of real richness.”—The Daily Telegraph

Being performed free of charge in multiple venues throughout Edinburgh beginning on,
  • Sunday 26th November at The Malt Shovel (11-15 Cockburn St) at 8.00pm

  • Monday 27th November at Bennets Bar (8 Leven St) at 9.00pm

  • Tuesday 28th November at The Wash Bar (11 North Bank St) at 7.30pm

  • Wednesday 29th November at The Brass Monkey (14 Drummond St) at 7.30pm

  • Thursday 30th November at The Meadow Bar (42 Buccleuch St) at 8.00pm

  • Friday 1st December at The Phoenix Pub (46 Broughton St) at 7.30pm

  • Saturday 2nd December at The Elephant House (21 George IV Bridge) at 7.30pm

The performance runs at about an hour and, yes, you are positively encouraged to drink through the show. I know that I will be...

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Gavin said...

Ha ha, you've gotta be Ray, then.
Best one I ever did was "Tony" in Chris Chibnall's "Kiss Me Like You Mean It"- the part involved getting through 4 cans of Stella and numerous ciggies each night. Six nights of free beer! Oh joy.

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