Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thea Gilmore is quite simply one of the finest lyricists writing songs in Britain today. My current favourite is See If They Applaud, a section of which I reproduce below.
I had too much to drink last night now I’m lying on the floor
Watching the coloured patterns in my eyes
Leftovers from the light
And this bearing all thing is harder than I thought
I’m gonna pull out my own tail feathers and see if they applaud

See I always had this problem while you were still around
We both threw our cards on the table but yours were all face down
And the thing about failure is it happens when you’re out of time
You don’t know that you’ve lost the race until you cross the finish line

How high
Well I’ll refrain this time
You know the rains come down again
And you’ll pardon me if I don’t seem surprised

Now the grey suits and the big boys are all slaves to their bank balance see
The media mass markets freedom as the ultimate commodity
And you tattoo my image on the lips of all your friends
As some tight cunt to fuck and leave and fuck again

How high...

She can say the word "cunt" like no one else I know, with a contempt and venom that entirely justifies the use of the word. She invest "fuck you" with the same gorgeous anger in The Things We Never Said.
Could you say that again babe
I've not heard that one before
You're looking four years older
You're looking for the door
I lipsticked "Fuck You" on the mirror
As a mark of my respect
And wandered out into the street
Well what the hell did you expect
And the old laundrette is hissing our song
Like it doesn't give a damn
And the cars are all french kissing
In some lonely traffic jam
And I've been talking to the radio
Cos it doesn't answer back telling it
How they showed our love in monochrome
Before it all turned black....

I really recommend finding some of her work: I would recommend Rules For Jokers and Avalanche to start with. She has a new album out, Harpo's Ghost, which I don't have yet, but I shall! Oh yes...


Mr Eugenides said...

I shall give her a whirl. Unless I'm too old for this shit, of course...

Anonymous said...

Methinks you may desire a little look at one of the other great UK singer songwriters around at the moment, Frank Turner. He swears alot too, you might like him. *shrugs*

Anonymous said...

You are the first person I've found who's heard of her! 'This girl is taking bets' is one of my fave songs. She played in London a while ago and no one would go with me. Next time, you and me, DK...

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