Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Right For Burning

Our favourite pi-ignorant elected representative of sub-simian intelligence, Councillor Terry, has thrown all of his toys out of the pram whilst in discussion with Right For Scotland. And, forgive me for being an intellectual snob, but there are few things that I enjoy more than seeing the stupid demolished, calmly and reasonably, by someone of far superior intelligence: do read the entire post as it I would be forced to quote the entire thing in order to convey the sheer beauty of the Terry's slapping.

However, RFS has issued the good Councillor with a challenge.
I live within 5 miles of his constituency. I hereby challenge Councillor Terry Kelly (“I’m a Train Spotter”) to a debate on the hustings come the election where we shall discuss the relative merits of a Compassionate Flat Tax and chat about how the Labour Party has screwed over the working man for the last 10 years in Westminster and almost a century in the West of Scotland. My email address is in the top-right hand corner and I will be happy to give him my mobile number if he asks for it.

Of course, what would be worse? Being called a mental case in need of psychiatric care because I don’t partake of the kool-aid? Or having your arse handed to you by the Internet fruitloop in front of the people you rely on keeping in ignorance to maintain your only pathetic status?

I really would love the good Councillor to take this up; I suspect that ticket sales could go through the roof. And if, of course, the Councillor is as right as he obviously thinks he is, what could he possibly have to fear, eh?

Now, as my readers will know, your humble Devil supports freedom of speech and is happy to see people like Councillor Terry air their putrid and ill-informed views on the blogosphere. After all, I myself have learned an awful lot from other, more knowledgeable, people (even those with whom I disagree) in the nearly two years in which I have been writing at The Kitchen.

However, if one is as pusillanimous and bigoted as Councillor Terry and one is going to close one eyes to the opinions of others, it really would seem advisable not to parade your ignorance in front of thousands of people...

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RfS said...

I broke his brain!!!

He is now lifting things I have posted in my blog and is re-phrasing them to sound like he has sources.

For instance I have posted that I am 28 (as our humble devil and I share a birthday a year apart). He puts on his blog "someone told me he claims to be 28".

I would be worried for someone who visualises web pages as people wispering to him.

Remind me, who is the fruitloop again?

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