Wednesday, November 01, 2006

News from the inside

At the risk of stepping on Doctor Crippen's turf, your humble Devil has acquired his own NHS related mole who has been sending material for a little while now. Your humble Devil has spent a little time establishing his correspondant's bona fides and working up a few stories: expect to hear more from the gentleman, whom I shall name Vesalius.
In recent years, nurses have mentioned with some dismay, that they were booked to provide health screening for asylum seekers, whilst being sworn to secrecy by managers. This usually takes place in some palatial, out of town residence, kitted out with the best that Sky TV, Dell and Gordon Ramsey can offer.

A sensible precaution, but why the cloak and dagger stuff?
It has also come to my attention that government officials are approaching the more wealthy, property owning types to provide the "housing". It seems there are plenty of financial incentives: a 5 year contract and if by chance the property gets trashed by the residents, the Treasury will happily cough up. To clinch this deal, all the owners have to do is sign the Official Secrets Act.

Again, why the murky goings-on: why would anyone have to sign the Official Secrets Act? Anyone like to speculate?


Emily said...

That's odd. I thought it had always been the case that if you let the council have control over your property in choosing tenants and letting (for an agreed sum), they will pay for any damage at the end of the lease.

Not sure if you had to sign that contract in blood under threat of death though.

Myrddin Wen said...

Seems like some retarded attempt to prevent turd-world untreatable diseases like Tuberculosis, Ebola, H5N1 from entering the UK.

Hosing down the problem with tax-cows cash wont work.

I suggest sudden lead poisoning truama, anterior cranium, instead.

Anonymous said...

The combination of secrecy and luxury suggests that these "asylum seekers" are being rewarded for services rendered - perhaps grasses, super or otherwise, getting a new life in the UK in return for information provided about their criminal or terrorist associates.

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