Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mr E goes travelling

My impecunious, Arcadian friend has started his contributions to a new(ish) group blog: Scottish Political News. Mr E believes that the Scots really have not considered the implications of independence properly. And no wonder.
No, this debate has to be had now. But we're not having it. No-one's having it, really. The swinging dicks of Scottish Labour certainly don't want to have the argument; they just want to hang on to their seats, keep their hold on power at Holyrood (Why, incidentally? To what end? What are Scottish Labour actually for?); their strategy is to ramp up the rhetoric and close down the debate, not open it up. We can't rely on our politicians to have it, any more than we'd trust them to run with scissors or spell long words. We need to start talking about this ourselves. We need to look before we leap.

I was considering joining this blog when they first advertised for authors a few weeks ago. Alas, since I will (probably) have left Scotland in about three weeks time, I don't feel that I can write about it ably enough.

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