Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Fatpak

It seems that MSPs are being pressurised to donate a day's pay to those who lost out in the Farepak collapse.
MSPs at Holyrood are being asked to donate a day's pay to families affected by the collapse of Christmas savings company Farepak.

Labour MSP Elaine Murray has submitted a motion to the Scottish Parliament to highlight the Farepak Response Fund.

Well, cheers, Elaine; that's really very generous of you.
She also criticised Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS), who some claim are behind the collapse, for contributing "a paltry" £2m to the fund.

Elaine, there's a couple of problems with this. The first is that £2million is a fuck sight more than you're going to give, isn't it? Even if you persuade all of our arsehole MSPs to donate some cash, you can bet that they will deduct their expenses first. And then they'll write it off against tax, I guarantee. After all, it's a charitable donation, eh?

The second problem, Elaine, is that £2 million is more than HBOS are obliged to give by a margin of... oh, about £2 million. What is it with this shit? Why's it attracting so many whining bastards? Personally, I'm with the superb PigDogFucker on this one.
Why the fuck would you decide to save with some rip-off catalogue that might steal your money, instead of using a savings account where you’re guaranteed both decent interest and deposit protection, getting the money out at Christmas, and buying your presents with it?

All the kids whose Christmas has “been ruined” (in the context of the British working class, this means “oh no, your present is only a DVD player not a PS3”) by the Farepak collapse should have this explained to them in detail:

“Your parents lost the money they were supposed to spend on your present because they’re utter fucktards. If you pay attention at school and don’t do equally gibberingly stupid stuff when you’re grown-up, you’ll be able to afford all the presents you want. Now shut up whining or we’ll belt you, you greedy little bastard.”

And while we are about it, what kind of moron would invest in a company that can't even spell the word "pack" properly, eh?


Anonymous said...

"All the kids whose Christmas has “been ruined” (in the context of the British working class, this means “oh no, your present is only a DVD player not a PS3”)..."

Really..? All the working class..? I don't think so somehow.

I suspect that for many, it will be a poor Christmas indeed. Still, they are just the stupid working class, they deserve it, eh?

Should be listening to their betters.

Chairwoman of the bored said...

DK - I think you are being more than a tad uncharitable here.

These people saved with a company such as Farepak not because they are morons, but because they recognise their own frailties. If they had saved in any of the eminently sensible ways you have suggestd, their savings would have been easily accessible to bail them out of any of the domestic disasters that can come up in a 12 month period.

They thought they had protected themselves from the themselves, yet their 'betters' efforts at housekeeping and budgeting proved to be on a par with their own, leaving them no better off than if they had kept their money in a jar on the mantlepiece.

Bretters said...

Couldn't agree more with PDF on this. I am also deeply suspicious of any organisation that recruits 'agents' to tap their friends and neighbours to 'invest' in some scheme or other. Actually there may be a business opportunity here... Can't keep your hands off your savings? Give them to us and tell us when we can give them back.. We promise we won't let you have them before that date... Hmmm...

Wrinkled Weasel said...

You are just being an ungracious arsehole over this.

You clearly have no concept of how people with modest means and modest aspirations behave and instead of empathy (you have outlined at length recently and in detail on what it means to be very poor) we get this, which frankly is beneath you.

I expect you think that all those older people who get fleeced by rogue tradesmen are fools too.

When you declared, somewhat dramatically, that you went hungry over Christmas, people offered sympathy and even practical help.

Sorry you cannot extend some humanity to others. You must be a deeply unhappy person.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know that MSPs didn't exist then but where were all these politicians when Gordo shat on pensioners in 1997? I suspect Elaine (and all her friends in Holyrood and Westminster) supported Gordo's raid on pensions with an enthusiasm possibly comparable to Polly's.

Losing goodies for one Christmas is bloody unfortunate but if you've coughed up a substantial part of your income over anything up to 40 years just to see DK's favourite lump of smegma destroy your savings, FarePak reduces to the equivalent of one pimple on the face of a teenager with acne.

Anonymous said...

This government never, fucking ever wants to tell "the poor" that they're being fucking idiots. They don't want to make people confront their own stupidity.

When some cunt gets it into their heads that they fucking NEED a £50 replica Arsenal shirt, but can't afford it, what's the government response? Do they ask why they want to spend as much money on an ugly bit of tat with a lager-makers name on it as they could spend on a high-quality tailored shirt?

No, they fucking pander to them, setting up committees looking into why football fans get routinely buttfucked by the clubs that they slavishly support. And can draw conclusions that clubs are no longer part of the "community fabric", even though the "community" bend over and take it whenever the club comes calling with next years bit of tat.

It's the most hideous thing about fucking Labour cunts. They don't want to elevate people out of the shit they are in. They don't want to tell people that they're responsible for their actions, something which would also have the byproduct of making them more savvy consumers.

Instead, they want them swimming in the shit of eternal victimhood. "This is a traditional way of saving". No, it's a fucking stupid way of saving. Stop it. "Poor people don't have access to the sort of information that other consumers do". Yup. Those mindfucking adverts with that short-sighted git from the Halifax are on virtually every fucking day advising me about their accounts THAT PAY FUCKING INTEREST. "They don't have the willpower to save". Oh, I guess that's my fucking problem, too.

The government should be in the business of giving people help to make their lives better - things like adult education and libraries. Helping people to rise up so they don't have to depend on others. So that they aren't a fucking victim who sees the best option in their life as being to have a state-funded baby.

There used to be voluntary socialist groups decades ago that actually tried to help people - went into mining villages and taught people skills like reading and writing.

Now, the government spends money on crap like sending in some "project worker" to get people to make some fucking theatre about conflict on their estate. Something that allows the cunt to congratulate themselves on creating some "community cohesion".

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