Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Kick the shit out of muggers mugging for kicks

Apparently, crime is not—as Polly would have it—simply because of inequality.
Street robbers often carry out their crimes for the thrill as much as for the financial gain, a report has said.

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) study interviewed 120 offenders in England and Wales.

The report said previous attempts to explain violent street crime put too much focus on the desire for gain, and not enough on the aspect of pleasure.

This is, of course, excellent news because it goes some way to explain why many, many poor people do not commit crimes and why some reasonably well-off people do. It can basically be summed up thusly: some people are shits and some are not.

May I humbly suggest a solution? We all realise that prison is not a perfect solution since many inmates come out more hardened than when they went in. So, I would suggest that a few hours in a public pillory would be sufficient for these people.

It would be extraordinarily cheap, publically humiliating for the criminal, the crowd would be able to glean the facts and judge what items they wished to throw depending on the injuriousness of the case and I'm pretty sure that it would serve as the sharp shock that people desire prison to be but lacking the drawbacks—the increased skill in criminality, the drug use, the institutionalisation and the loss of earnings—of incarceration.

Admittedly, people were occasionally permanently injured whilst in the pillory but, well, some people are permanently injured in muggings. Hey ho! Never mind, eh?

It would also be a great incentive for people to keep a compost heap, so that they could get their fruit and veg really nice and rotten before they threw it at the hideous, violent little scrote in the public square.


Anonymous said...

And get fined for littering? You're having a fucking laugh mate.

I prefer the "Ads by Google" suggestion after your post that advocated "9mm Self Defense."


Raw Carrot said...

DK, I trust phosphorous grenades would be permitted?

Anonymous said...

Flog the bastids. Properly.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so agree. Being humiliated in public is a far greater punishment than being clapped in jail in order to show 'how hard you are' to the other inmates! The more the humiliation the better as far as I'm concerned.

Anonymous said...

I would allow law abiding people to carry guns so if anyone tried to do anything to you or your property you could shoot them.

If people didn't shoot them they could get the pillory then

Anonymous said...

Much simpler than that.

Bring back the clout at the lower end. In schools today children are well aware there are no effective sanctions - almost no sanctions at all. The only approach is "be nice to them and they'll learn".

Well after 20 years of such it still doesn't bloody work. What happens is this approach becomes built in and is carried on into adult life.

Simple. Children at school learn that not following the rules, swearing at teachers, hitting people leads to personally unpleasant things hsppening to them. That will stop about 95% of them. The remaining 5% can be dealt with by the Cops and Prisons.

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