Monday, November 13, 2006

Hanging a round

Via Timmy, why is it that it is all the crappy fashions, e.g. platform shoes, that come around and never the decent ones, eh?
According to a timely bit of number-crunching by the Liberal Democrats, Labour has, in nine years, brought in five Acts on immigration, seven on terrorism, 10 on education, 11 on health and social care and 23 on criminal justice. It has also created more than 3,000 new crimes at a rate of nearly one a day and passed more than 32,000 statutory instruments, which introduce new regulations by secondary legislation.

There is an unanswerable case for a check on all this through post-legislative scrutiny of measures to see whether they fulfil their intent. Better still, we could adopt the practice of the ancient Greek colonists at Locri Epizephyri, in what is now Italy. There, a Locrian who suggested any new law was required to make his case standing before an assembly of the people with a cord around his neck. If the law was rejected, its proposer was strangled.

I've got a special gold cord for Gordo…

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